'Role Play' Chapter

Role Play

You can do what you think you can, because you act “as if”. All you have for dealing with reality is a “working premise”. Your every skill is based on a framework of assumptions you make both about the world and yourself. Your whole reality is role playing.

You have all done magic. All of you, repeatedly, and very possibly without knowing it when acting as if something was possible for you. Role playing can be a key to more power in your “real” life. You can have a mandala of masks you can use. More power to you, but I suspect that this circles of masks has a heart. There is one mask at its center. Even though you change roles, they will all have the “color” of the mask your heart wears. Your place of power in your own being.

Role Playing

One of the appeals of fantasy role playing even in the way it started which was Dungeons & Dragons, was that the characters from mythology (the heroes) are ultimately us and represent all the types. Those types still exist, just… Seek More

Reality Is Role Play

Role playing in your metaphysical practice. What are you skilled at? Anyone want to offer something? I am good at solving puzzles. Art. Organization. Art, music, dance, literature, language, telepathy, and the disciplines required in each. You have your skills… Seek More

Seamless Reality

You can only do what you can imagine you can do. It’s impossible to do anything without imagining it, and our children imagine conflict and even horror. They grow up to be able to enact horrors. The more you imagine,… Seek More

Role Playing In Metaphysical Practice

How role playing applies to your metaphysical practice. First, it can get you over the hump of believing in “reality”. Asking if what you do is real is actually entirely useless. What matters is if your practice is useful. Does… Seek More

Magic In Second Life

At the virtual world Second Life sim I role play in, so far now, three Hawaiians, two Native Americans, all practitioners healers in real life doing the same in Second Life. Something is seen in just what you say, and… Seek More