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Role Playing in Role Play

Role Play

One of the appeals of fantasy role playing even in the way it started which was Dungeons & Dragons, was that the characters from mythology (the heroes) are ultimately us and represent all the types. Those types still exist, just not in the same context. The roles they chose to make classes in the original game were based on real roles people assume. Add more imagination to it, and you free people.

Do you think young people today are discovering themselves better with the involvement in games like World of Warcraft (WoW)? Yes I do. There is even a case of a young boy who saved his sister from an angry moose because he played a hunter in WoW. He had no knowledge otherwise, no outdoor background but he told his sister to play dead. It came over and sniffed her then wandered off.

The latest management gurus just recycle the roles under new names, and call them personality types and tell the upper management to recognize and use them. But they don’t really, and waste money and undermine productivity because they try to make a warlock a mage, and a priest a warrior.

They should place those roles into the corporate world. There are supporters, people who keep everyone else going. There are big thinkers who can spur big solutions but not really details. There are those who are best at slugging through the fine details, persistent and determined. Even Sun-Tzu said of a military organization, use each according to their strengths. Failure to do so is failure of your operation or campaign. Performance management is designed to find a way to pick at the piece they can’t do, thus keep everyone down. Pick at that and pick your business to pieces. Focus on the problems and you keep them.

Most in the corporate world like the status quo it seems, the safety of stasis I guess. Stasis isn’t safe, and grows even less so as time passes in every industry these days. When people are operating according to their strength that is when sudden insight emerges, otherwise it’s studies and compensating and firing and re hiring. Waste of time, money and resources.

Operating as partners there is a reason I don’t start making demands. You are the most valuable to me when you are you, and are doing what you decide on. If you started changing things with me and dictating my role what would happen? If you change you, then I am with you and move with it. Very likely no harm done, and maybe even help comes. This is part of why many men destroy their relationships. The way we are raised we compensate for a sense of vulnerability with an effort to control which denies the reality of control. We control planes, but we don’t control wind. The wind moves with the planes, vice versa. Animals, birds, move with the wind, not against it. Clinging to ‘no change’ is to lack hope. Saying no change is saying ok, it should be destroyed now. It is literally saying that. Literally. If the plane doesn’t move it crashes.

Even tradition must change to survive. Tradition became tradition because it was discovered it worked, but we learn more of what works and why it works. I heard a story once of a woman who always pulled the legs off the turkey before cooking it because that’s what mom always did. Asked her mom once why and she said because my pan was too small. What works changes, even the enduring changes and this is why it endures.

An example of the enduring is human pair bonding. We never quit it despite the problems, but the problems arise from what denies the nature of reality as it is now. Women used to be more sidelined than they are now.  That couldn’t endure. It even grew to violence for the very reason that it isn’t natural for women to be sidelined. Female violent offenders are going up and there is a reason. Women are still too sidelined. Even women want to believe the aggression isn’t in them. Maybe a case of better the devil you know, but it is in them. The violence is a symptom. We scold and shame girls who are lustful. We scold and shame males who are sensitive.

Why is it done besides disempowering each gender? Control of the masses by the elite. Men are stronger, thus we make great brute labour. We can’t be allowed to think and feel, and women are driven, thus greater ambition. They can’t be allowed to wield brute power so keep them confined. You don’t need to be confined, neither do I.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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