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Food, sex, wealth, these are the things of the devil? So why do all our righteous leaders have them?

What Matters? in Hope


Which matters more, money or the ones you love? Which matters more, stability or growth that keeps up with the communities needs?

Money doesn’t do much on its own. It is largely a meaningless number in a bank if you have no hope. You could be incredibly rich and have that money count for nothing if you have no reason to use the money. Hope goes beyond things.

Inside, do you find emptiness? Inside of you, you find what you believe is there. You were told that what you wanted was wrong, and that you didn’t matter. You believe them. They are wrong.

Do you want to be a relaxed person, free of anger? Correct that, because it isn’t a want. You need to be a relaxed person. It’s a real need. Your well being depends on it. Your sanity depends on it. People blame you for your reaction when they criticise what you do and what you want, but they won’t give it to you. The best thing you can give anyone, literally the most valuable thing, is permission to be who they are. Not who you think they are, but who they are inside. You change every day, and they do too.

Does it mean I have to be something different every day? No. You can be the same or different, your choice. By actually making the choice, you give them permission to make the choice. When you behave as you need to and not necessarily as you were taught.

When you face the truth that is inside you and live that truth, you are who you are by nature. You could say in part it’s biology. In part it’s your experience and how you feel about that. You are who you are as a result of the choice you make as well, but you can also lose who you are by those choices. Choosing as someone else told you to without any guidance from your inner nature. Then you’re not making your own choice, you’re allowing them to make the choice for you, but people say they choose. It’s a mistaken notion.

How are we different from animals? I would say we are different by degrees. We can discern subtleties of life and choice. We can conceptualize goals beyond biological survival, and our minds, our souls if you will, need to express these things.

You don’t believe in a soul? Do you believe in coherence? Do you believe that you are you?

What goal beyond survival do we have as humans? We are uniquely aware of the world as a world, and uniquely aware of all the life in it. We can see the world as a whole, and not only what it is but how it can grow. We can choose to make what supports us stronger, or ignore that support.

Ultimately, everything is related to survival. The species that thrives has a better chance to survive. We are connected in a world wide way. Perhaps we aren’t different from animals. Who says animals are lowly? You eat, you breath, you excrete, you seek shelter. These are facts. Humans rule the world not by their own devices. Animals have no Einstein, no Freud. They have no need of an Einstein or Freud. Should we worship famous figures?

Humanity has a degree of consciousness that allows us a unique relationship to the world on this planet.

Until next time, have hope.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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