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Food, sex, wealth, these are the things of the devil? So why do all our righteous leaders have them?

Reality Is Role Play in Role Play

Role Play

Role playing in your metaphysical practice. What are you skilled at? Anyone want to offer something?

  • I am good at solving puzzles.
  • Art.
  • Organization.
  • Art, music, dance, literature, language, telepathy, and the disciplines required in each.

You have your skills despite the fact that the world is so complex we cannot account for every factor that might influence any of our goals. You can do what you think you can, because you act “as if”. The evidence for this is that no matter what you do, there is a chance it will fail.

I tell good blonde jokes. Does that count? It counts to the degree you believe it counts. All you have for dealing with reality is a “working premise”. Your every skill is based on a framework of assumptions you make both about the world and yourself.

Any relationship to presumption? Actually yes, but they differ from each other too. To assume is to have an experience and act “as if” you understand it. To presume is to form constructs without the energy of experience to empower them.

Your whole reality is role playing. Your life has no reality beyond role playing. At the very least, none beyond the assumptions of the heart. You can leave the head out of it if you want, but we will be talking about a way to use your head. There are simple assumptions the heart makes. Like love is worth while, and it can be had from experience. These have no basis in objective fact nor do they have to. They have a very real impact on our quality of life anyway.

Where do we feel pain first? The eye. More specifically the visual center of the brain and the frontal lobe. Pain occurs when we are in resistance to perception which is the root of all action.

Is physical sensation of a trauma secondary? Yes. People can experience physical trauma as pleasure, invigorating, powerfully stimulating.

But yes, perception is the root of all action. We experience stress when we resist allowing something into our perception. What gets confusing is we resist letting whatever it is enter our perception, because we have the delusion of the “real”. That there is some mysterious unseen force that will get us if we try to perceive something strange more deeply.

How do you allow a bullet into our perception and not have it cause pain? You allow a bullet into your perception by witnessing its action from the gun. You won’t be able to avoid the first shot, but you can avoid the second and further shots.

My muscles are supposedly very weak, malformed. Yet I perform feats of strength that people think would be impossible to them, and according to medical science I should reach the structural fatigue point quickly and frequently. But my entire day can be spent in constant physical activity without me stopping. I once spent thirty six straight hours walking. Human concepts of their limits are false.

I have limits, real physical ones, nerve damages, systems gone. Yes, and you have changed energies you contend with. It goes beyond the organic. What we can’t get outside of is context. Your context has the force of much life behind it. It’s a great deal of power. Too much for your body to bear up under at times, I’m sure. No one can escape context.

You work a job because you pretend it will sustain your physical needs, though it can fail to do this and fail miserably. But you cannot ignore the context that presents employment to you, so you must decide something in regard to that issue. Your fears are roles also, contexts you must live with.

That’s where role play in games comes in? We can play with context? Exactly. It’s also where ritual comes in. Reality bends no knee to ritual. It’s humans who need ritual.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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