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Magic In Second Life in Role Play

Role Play

At the virtual world Second Life sim I role play in, so far now, three Hawaiians, two Native Americans, all practitioners healers in real life doing the same in Second Life. Something is seen in just what you say, and the role play in Second Life can be an awesome stage. Yes. Music has a similar power. All music is actually role playing.

Pursuant to that, I was at a demonic night club recently and stood and watched. I picked up the prevalent energy of one who was in pain. So I struck up a conversation, and it turns out that she was grateful for any healing help I might bestow. She was a psychic who had long since shut down her ability due to fear. My point is, everyone in that club was role playing, and the majority of them role-play being in pain, but are bravely struggling to survive. If she was genuinely open to healing then I am certain you succeeded. To go to a club like that is beneficial for one who wants to help heal, and those who need help healing. Yes. Allow the pain to be visible, even dramatic.

However, in the majority of the cases, the club goers are not consciously aware that they are looking for help. Trance. So it is a surprise to them when I confront them on that. It’s their trance. Trance is more an aspect of consensus reality than the exception.

The Shamanic mask, all masks, the best physical symbol of role playing if there is one. You may not literally be what you present yourself as in Second Life, but that doesn’t matter. You may find that an avatar becomes your ritual mask (for lack of a better metaphor), and the mask of your avatar doesn’t hide anything. It reveals it. It doesn’t matter if you are a literal demon. If your energy is demonic, then you are a demon, or elf, or extraterrestrial.

I’m ready for the big “prestige” to use a stage magic term… You have all done magic. All of you, repeatedly, and very possibly without knowing it when acting as if something was possible for you. If you succeeded, that was a miracle, and I’m not being sarcastic. It’s magic. The only reason it might seem mundane is because your repertoire of imagining might be limited. But role playing, and more specifically Second Life, can be a key to more power in your “real” life.

Because a mundane task is accomplished easily does not make it less magical. Exactly, because just like a role playing game, Second Life gives you a chance to create your own context, to live your Shamanic mask. Your “ritual” doesn’t have to have any deliberate structure. It doesn’t have to have a script, but those can get the ball rolling so they shouldn’t be sneered at either. But when you find your “power spot” in Second Life and your true spirit mask/avatar, then you can extend your experiences in there out into your daily life, and very likely transform it in ways you couldn’t at first believe possible.

If you are a demon, do “demon” medicine. If you are a bear, do bear medicine. If you are an alien, do alien medicine. Follow that way. If someone in her healing work adopts the image of Eywa as a spirit to work with and visualizes Hometree, that will have plenty of power. But she should remain silent in dealing with those who don’t share her same context. They don’t need to know she uses Na’vi imagery.

I’m very successful with the darker crowd. Vampires. You can be just as successful with any crowd, but you have to own your imagery. Share it only when there is power in sharing it. Share the image and you share your power. If the person you are working with shares the same images then you can pool your power together, and if they don’t that doesn’t matter. But you should not let them distract you from your Shamanic mask. Your place of power in your own being.

I have a few different masks. It is power unto itself to don the right one in the right setting. Like putting the right key in a lock. You can have a mandala of masks you can use. More power to you, but I suspect that this circle of masks has a heart. There is one mask at its center. No one but you has to know its center, but when you know the master mask then all the others will share in your power more fully. Even though you change roles, they will all have the “color” of the mask your heart wears.

I would not freely display that central binding mask, lest it be appealed to by malevolent influences. That’s a valid strategy. You may choose to use it for entirely personal reasons. There is no error in that. It comes down to a self knowledge issue.

For me, I am a bit lost, so I shape shift a lot in Second Life. I need to heal that and am working on it. But until then I share what energy I can. It will grow when I heal. I’m currently a shattered mirror, but I think that does allow a unique sharing at this stage on my path.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends. Join us in Second Life.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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