To the degree that you defer to the wisdom of this life that brought someone so amazing as you into being, accept that you are meant to be, and feel, and have desires, and take actions according to the dictates of your heart.

Your Inspiration in Inspiration


Inspiration is maybe not as straight forward as it might sound. What is inspiration, friends?

  • Inspiration is a divine intent.
  • Inspiration, to be filled with motivation.

Inspiration is the cause of everything, even what we judge to be “uninspired”. May I ask, What moves you, friends?

  • What moves me is the opportunity to evolve.
  • That first breath of waking up moves me to consciousness.
  • A thought so bright that it needs to be put into action.

Can one seek inspiration?

To inspire is to breathe. That’s true. Every wonder is part and parcel of your personal spirit. Any thought, feeling or perception that seems to have power in your experience, has its power as a part of you. If you had no part in the inspiring thing, it would not move you. You would not recognize its truths. Your path is your inspiration. They are one and the same. Without inspiration you may see a way, but it is not the way of your heart, essence, spirit, soul, what have you. Self knowledge is not as much of a mystery as it might seem.

So it’s not “personal”? It is not personal, no. It is your person, but it is not personal.

But we can make it personal, yes? Yes and no. Your self judgement is often more of a stumbling block than a stepping stone, so the effort to create instead of perceive will actually create unnecessary turbulence in your path.

I have personal experience with this issue. It ended my marriage. And in fact, it is perhaps the key disruptive force in everyone’s lives. Their lives are uninspired, unguided by what is really the one true guide. No external authority is valid or even necessary. The source of your guidance has its origin before your material existence, and does not compel your actions or choices because it has no need to. All that you can conceive, can arise in your mind because of it. Your personal nature is its nature.

When we self judge we censor it? Yes, exactly.

Seeking to constantly have one’s “inspiration” validated is also a problem in becoming content or happy. Forgetting about even achieving joy. Your inspiration has only one source of validation. When you are inspired you are whole. Like the process that causes a flower to bloom or a blossom to mature, you will have strength to the degree you have inspiration. You will have weakness, and be forced into compliance, to the degree that you accept invalidation.

I think it’s more like we kill it. You cannot kill inspiration, truly. There is a reason they say hope springs eternal, but you can blight it. Twist it so it forms cysts in your soul and locks up all your energy. But if inspiration itself dies, you die. This is why some commit suicide, and why doctors sometimes say, “They didn’t have the will to live.”

It’s true, but that is usually not so difficult to overcome, if the key to the unhappiness can be found. The key to unhappiness is simple. It’s the idea that “I cannot be.”

You will never be satisfied with having and you will only be half satisfied with doing, because it’s at least the gate half open. What inspires you is what you are, and when you think that the object of your inspiration is separate from self or unattainable to self, that is what leads to the belief “I cannot be”. There is one will, and that will is “I am”. There is but one sin, and that sin is “I cannot be”.

In my experience, it manifests due to “guilt” or “shame”. Shame and guilt are two very virulent attitudes that lead to that error.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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