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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Your Theme in Inspiration


Could it be stated truthfully that we were inspired to be born? In effect “I can be” or “I will be”? Yes, and any creative act is just bringing more of self into being. A sort of spiritual midwifery, but we need more. We need a clear view of what we are trying to do, and we need to be mindful of what risk there is in being unskilful in our expression.

Or to hinder by selfishly stopping the inspiration of others, yes? That’s inherently unskilful, yes. That is to be avoided. Your “language” is not their language.

It can be malevolent. I’ve seen a severe expression of it. Children in cages. I won’t elaborate. No need. Even if it’s only metaphorical, and we all know this world can be pretty twisted, the impact runs parallel either way.

Is this what it means to break a man? To kill inspiration? Exactly, but a man can remake themselves, or to be clearer, any being can remake themselves, because the first cause cannot be broken. It isn’t broken even by death. This is why children can endure horrific torments and grow up to remain sane. They find their inspiration, and thus their will to survive, with a clarity that most never do.

There is a mechanism, a failsafe, “Forgetfulness”. That’s one, but even that can be transcended.

Then there is transmutation of thought. Thought is a domain, and yes, there is a preservation of thought. Though its originator may be unburdened, no horror goes unremembered. I often find peoples views of the “dark” spirits amusing, like they are the perpetrating monsters. They are no such thing. They just exist with the truth I stated before. No horror goes unremembered.

Agreed. But they can be “confined” or simply avoided. Yes, because we all have our inspiration, and we do not recognize what is not in ourselves. The great beauties you have seen, or the most upsetting wrong doing, these are both yours more than somehow belonging to the world.

It is true that those experiences have an influence upon our inspiration? To answer your question, ones personal inspiration is like a song, but experiences can inspire “variations on a theme”. Your theme will endure, but which variation you are singing may differ from one circumstance to another.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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