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Imagine is to choose one’s state of being, and luck is when this preparation meets one of the countless opportunities that arise in life.

One Truth in Inspiration


There is one truth in this beingness we all share. This truth is, “I am.” There is one great error in this life. That error is to conclude, “I cannot be.”

This is what makes us shove our imaginations, and passions, and feelings into that deep dark closet. But for all our obedience to the unspoken edict that our spirits are not allowed to play here, has our world been made any better?

At most to a select few who like the control, but even that must be kind of boring to them. True, but even they betray themselves as they taint the source of supply which is this same world that all our beings stem from.

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I see that in the world all the time. The illusion that control and order is more efficient and productive. It’s a delusion, and this is proven by the decay of every empire ever founded on this plane given time.

Inspiration would be stifled with too much control and order. It can be.

Inspiration seems a lot like vocation, in a way. You are living the inspired life when your vocation and your avocation are in congruency. Avocation is the word for ones calling, but the world will not call you, because in fact it already has. It’s why you exist. It won’t nag you to be who you are, but your soul is what it is for the part it plays in the greater life of the universe itself.

As it’s said in the old Celtic poem, “I have been a word in a book.” The story is told by all the words. This book should not be burned, though we have been working on it. Thus we have global warming among other issues. The world like a phoenix can renew itself, but that was not our purpose.

A sound in the silence. Almost paradoxical, for once the sound is born the silence is destroyed. In that case, the wisdom or inspiration to be had was said in the Bhagavad Gita, an old Hindu Holy Book. “The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.” For some, there is inspiration in destruction, but if they have the wisdom of destruction it will only be undertaken in balance to free the world itself to heal, even if that’s one soul at a time. The devils advocate is advocating for us all. We all have a way in the world, and we can feel it daily. If we do not feel it in our days, it’s not because it’s not there. It’s just been covered.

It’s said that beauty is truth and truth beauty. I am fully confident you all have some beauty in your lives, friend. As distant as it may have become, welcome it back, and know it for what it is. It’s your very own soul. Live that and you can live no better life. Live that and you will want in reality for nothing.

We all have this in us friends, but it may not be words. For you it may be pictures, or feelings, even impulses to act. If you are at peace in your heart, you can trust any of this. It is all inspiration.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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