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What You Want in Inspiration


Do you want anything? I’m not asking a specific person. Does anyone want anything?

Of course, yes. Doesn’t mean we actually get it. Actually, yes it does, or rather it can mean that.

People mistake want for what it is not. They attempt to embody inspiration in objects. It has links to objects. I won’t deny that. But they can only serve any purpose for a limited length of time, then you will want something else. They say you “outgrow” it. What you want is something that is actually in your own nature and not any single specific object.

In the fullness of your life and personal growth, anything in line with your inspiration/purpose will enter your life. Anything not true to heart will fall away as rapidly as it occurs to you, at least metaphorically speaking. Some people dwell, and by doing so lose their sense of direction / inspiration and thus for want of a nail the kingdom is lost. There is no force in reality that has as its purpose frustrating the individual, but conversely there is no force that will move you against your will into realization of the way forward. This is why people fail to find inspiration. They think it will come from outside and make them improve their life. Has this happened for anyone? It hasn’t happened for me.

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If they think it has, it is only a brief flash and dies quickly. Well, for me, the authorities single me out as an unusual individual for a lot of reasons that aren’t today’s topic, but I can share an alternative view of inspiration.

I have always lived with the presence of my “self”. I experienced my self as a set of forces at work in my life, that despite my efforts to achieve the goals people showed me, would not get out of my way. Even more so, they would come to shape every exchange and relationship I have ever had to one degree or another. In my early adulthood, I fought this. It felt like some outside force manipulating me though I knew it wasn’t. The Greeks had a term for this, they called it a “genius”. But in their view it was a spirit that functioned sort of like a guardian angel and didn’t have the psychological meaning it does today.

What I would share today, friends, is that we all have a genius as much as it may have vexed us, and our lives know peace and strength to the degree that we fulfill this genius in our lives. You may have ascribed your personal genius to outside forces, but you cannot perceive what is not in your being to understand. All understanding comes from within. We all have something that moves us to passion, even if it winds up being our “dirty little secret”.

There is nothing “outside”. At least nothing that we need, and outside is a difficult to define concept anyway. For what reason is it meaningful? Mystics come to the conclusion that it is meaningless.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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