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Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

Color Of Life in Inspiration


Color. People tend to have preferences for not one color, but patterns of color, and the set of their favourite colors can give me as much if not more insight into their inspiration.

Blue, green, yellow. You are a sensitive who embraces vitality more than any form of absolute principles. You probably find “moral” discussions tedious, and would rather involve people in some creative or recreational act, that you would then use as an illustration into one of life’s truths, which goes with the “leader” insight.

Agreed. It’s maddening to some. It angers other would be leaders who struggle with the notion of “control is power”. It can vex people severely, because they are “seduced” by it. At least on an instinctive level, they know it’s in their best interests.

Blue, turquoise, white. You see the big picture. You have a profound respect for people as a whole, but are not necessarily a respecter of individuals. You feel that life would be better served if people were more mindful of transcendent truths, and didn’t take little things as if they were the end of the world.

Blue, black, white. You like clarity, but perceive that clarity is better served by perception than by analysis. You feel that people would be better served by just seeing whatever it is they think about, practicing it if that’s the way to see it and not getting too elaborate.

Red, black, blue, purple, yellow. You are passionate. You have what some would consider a strange mix of friendly and aggressive tendencies. Huge devils advocate, but in the end is most gratified if it just results in a new experience. You are likely the type who will try a new food no matter how bizarre it sounds, just to have the experience of having tried it once. Despite being an intellectual, you have probably read a lot of books that people would think are strange for the person they think you are. Laughs at people a lot.

Inspiration is found inside you. Whatever experience moves you to awe, this is the metaphor for your true soul, and the first step to following your personal path.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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