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Connecting to the Living Intelligence in Inspiration


If I procrastinate on tackling a problem and it just resolves itself, I feel guilty. You are Apollo. Apollo had his shortcomings as well as his strengths. One shortcoming was exploited by Hermes. He had his chariot stolen right out from under him.

Though I’d have trouble getting up early in the morning to drag that sun across the sky. You arrive early anyway. Of your friends, you tend to be ahead of the trends. The first to learn a new idea. Is this not so?

Yes, I think so. Also, you often give other people ideas without even meaning to, just from people listening to you, tuning into your unusual train of thought.

I’ve noticed that at times. You don’t like the ugly though. Am I right?

Ugly as in? Petty, base or crass. True. That has likely bit you in the butt more than once. I have no problem with those things myself, but I have trouble seeing the worth or beauty of anything. See how that goes?

Yes, to appreciate beauty is to despise the destruction of it. What was the weakness that Hermes exploited? Ah, Apollo is enamoured of his own pursuits, so easily predictable. He can’t tear himself away from whatever has him so engrossed at the moment. So Hermes was looking when Apollo wasn’t.

Your home tends to be a bit understocked. Is that not so? Not quite as many groceries as you might need?

I only get what I need. How often do you say “Where’s the peanut butter? Ack I’m out”?

Sometimes. Yes, not a whole lot. You grocery shop like a man on a mission I am certain, going to do it right. For me, the wants and needs tend to blur together. I just sort of forage. Go home from the store never really having done too badly.

I suspect our friend has no tension with Bes though. Can enjoy shopping from time to time in a casual way. Am I wrong? Am I illustrating the process here?

I usually don’t want to go to the store, but once I get there, I have fun. Ah, Isis is often distracted by personal in these situations. It likely goes more smoothly when with a friend, no?

I tend to forget what I need and come home with squid flavoured peanuts and pictures of vegetables. The ingredients of magick, but not a meal.

Unless I make a list, and yes it’s more fun with a friend. Where Apollo likely has a harder time shopping with other people, and Ogoun has it go the same no matter what, neutral, neither good nor bad.

I like to get what I need and leave. Yes, get back into your chariot and return to the wide sky. Is true?

Do you see the process I am illustrating here? Everything is a living process. You can open yourself to connecting to the living intelligence of the process. It’s living and intelligent but it’s not personal. You will meet other Apollos, other Vulcans, other Athenas, the Greek Isis, other Hermes. It’s still all the same idea. It’s what gives us common ground. Hermes is difficult to pin down. Apollos tend to have a few Apollo friends. Isis tends to have an Osiris, a giver.

So, what this all comes down to is this. You aren’t confined to your own ideas, your own knowledge. If you enter into the “quite place” (which is not a physical quite place, as you can do this anywhere no matter what the noise level is), if you enter into that place of just watching, just listening, and then let your mind wander with what it is you see and hear, let your imagination free associate, it can be just as valuable and as accurate, sometimes even more so, than any line of thinking you may have engaged in.

Like plugging in to a metaphysical library. Yes, but even if you believe it’s just your own memory. Even science has established that your memory responds to this process much better than it does to rational thought. This is why people think I have a great memory. I guess they imagine that I rigorously recall everything. I do no such thing. I just “look” for it.

You can become inspired by anything. I have been inspired by a gob of mucus someone spit on the pavement before. It looked sort of like an egg, and I was searching for something so started circling a centre and found it.

Any topic suggestions for future classes?

It’s hard to force inspiration. Especially while you are busy thinking.

Who should we sync with to think of topics? Ah Thoth, any god of knowledge, Odin. In fact, Odin has some excellent advice for specifically that. Odin was a god of both poetry and rage. Ideas come easily when one blurts or rants.

Sounds like a rapper. He would pop a spear in you, but seriously, it’s why I encourage my wife to just blurt. She often has great ideas, but we wouldn’t hear them if she didn’t just blurt. People use Tupac like that these days, and Biggy Smalls. What face you put on the “god” doesn’t matter as much as your sense of its meaning. For me, the Egyptian beast they feed hearts to in the judgment is a symbol of forgiveness.

How so? The heart that’s found to be heavy is fed to her. The sin is fed to her, and then it’s all over, no punishment. I admire her. She’s a protector, and to have your heart devoured by Ammit was if anything an acknowledgement of your free will. What do evil people seem to want most?

Freedom. And they are left to wander the world from then on.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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