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Between Places in Paranormal Places


Hollows are between places. They are actually very common though not always active. Many traditions across the world tracked these things. The cenote of Meso American lore would be one. The kivas of the Pueblo Indians.

A hollow can be manufactured. What they are is bubbles in the normally full and noisy energy atmosphere. The ancient meditation chambers and towers would have been examples of artificial hollows, but even prehistoric caves would be examples.

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The electromagnetic field of the planet is not uniform in its structure or polarity, and the most common hollows are found or produced as stone structures. Pyramids would be artificial hollows. Humanity has always held places like these in awe. Even reaches of the deep woods, places that naturally ground electromagnetic energy can form hollows. They open and shut kind of like irises.

Like a forest clearing? Actually no, grove if the air above is clear. The effect won’t take place unless there is a strong rock formation around it.

The hollow’s iris opens with solar weather fluctuations mostly, though they also have a default rhythm that also factors in. But just as our brain is dependent on stimuli to maintain our executive coherence, we are also dependent on things like electromagnetic alignment. They have even found this going on under FMRI.

Inca TombThis is a picture near a lake at one of the highest elevations in Peru. It’s the site of Inca temples and a graveyard. They speculate what the tall structure was used for, but fully intact it was cylindrical with a hollow area in the middle, possibly a meditation chamber or tomb. There was one intact enough that the guide said you could crawl in if you wanted but no one volunteered. It was a very powerful area and also had strange magnetic fields around it. It was a hollow. Too bad we don’t still build them.

Like a ley point? They are stronger if built along a dragon line or ley line as they say, but don’t absolutely have to be there. Here is a relevant article, and another relevant article.

Magnetic StoneThere was a rock at this site that had the profile of a puma, and a spiral was carved in the side of it. When the guide passed his compass down the side of the spiral, the compass rotated 360 degrees.

Hollows are very often seen as taboo places even if the culture itself has no tradition of thinking of things as taboo. Europeans of old were often afraid to go too deeply into the forest because they would run across spots like I am describing. They can be disorienting, and what with things like wisps showing up I think it’s natural they came to the conclusion they were somehow haunted. What do you think?

Like fairy circles? Yes.

This place in Peru felt haunted.

Thin spots in the veil.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

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