Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

Agreements You Live By in Taboo


I will start today’s topic on Taboo by asking you all a question. The question is this. Are you aware of the agreements you live by?

Most of them I think. It’s likely that you know a great many.

We all live our lives with some unspoken agreements. Some major premises we just assume are true and right, often largely because they are functional.

Agreements? I think like a bond, yes. Like the agreement between friends and siblings. Indeed. Any relationship you have is an agreement even if not hammered out in words. But you have agreements that relate specifically to you that are between you and yourself, as they say.

Like me expecting myself to act in a certain way? Yes, and everybody has quite a few of those expectations. It’s a long laundry list we keep that lets our soul feel clean. We agree to find meaning in life, at least elements of it. We agree that some goals are worth working for even if it’s just to avoid much work.

Retirement is a big goal. Indeed, and some people don’t bother with trying to achieve a good retirement.

Can anyone name more of these personal agreements people live by?

Don’t eat with your mouth open. There are all sorts of rules of etiquette. Little diplomatic games we play so that we don’t offend and aren’t offended. At least that is the idea, but there are people who don’t agree with most public agreements, aren’t there?

“A diplomat is someone who can be disarming when his country isn’t.” A quote I’ve always remembered. It’s a good quote.

Anarchists. Rule breakers. Rebellious ones. Down with the Man! Yes. The idea is often even that the rebellion is noble, but what is the real impact of this rebellion? Destruction.

I wondered last year if I really was an altruist. If I wasn’t just scared of offending. It’s a good thing to consider.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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