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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Bonds To Life Flow in Taboo


We have certain agreements that come to us quite naturally, instinctively. We want to live. Not only that, but we want our bloodline to live. We want our allies to live. We want our friends to live. The overall goal is to have a certain measure of stability, because that lets us bounce back when things go against that.

The modern rebel doesn’t really think about much of anything with any real depth. They just fly in the face of social values and say it’s their personal right as a free individual. They get a giddy little thrill out of flaunting their power to deny any agreement they feel is undesirable. But heaven forbid you break one of the rules that goes in their favour or they will cry “unfair” louder than anyone else.

The rebel has a mommy that thinks her child can do no wrong too, like a school bully. Very often that is indeed the case, and the rebel has some deep seated anxieties behind all the compulsive defiance.

Can we truly honour an agreement that we don’t really understand? Those who have stood in the face of the ultimate loss often return to the social agreement with very unusual behaviour, but why is this?

They realize how silly some things are. The horror they know is not so much the fear of their own death. They often report losing any fear of their own death. What has given them such horror is the realization that literally everyone dies. It can all be ended in any of a variety of ways, and for no reason at all. To kill a human being is to kill part of yourself. To break that most fundamental agreement that lets you value your own life at all.

But we don’t actually die. That’s even worse, because it means that literally all sins are remembered. There is no such thing as a crime unwitnessed, and in fact, even that utmost of material crimes creates a disruption that is almost indescribable, but I will describe it anyway.

Our world operates on a series of agreements even without the human element to consider. Bonds between species and entities that allow for the natural growth and progress of the world as a whole. It’s like the spiritual world is a universe sized dam and the water has to be allowed to flow out in a balanced way. Each life comes and goes like a measure of water, but all spirits are a part of the greater flow. To cut one life short before it’s time is to seal off a measure of that flow. This creates stresses that express themselves all across the universe. Events come together to usher one out of existence much like they came together to bring one into this world. We have made up many taboos in the history of human existence, some with genuine substance, many with not much reality at all.

Is it like adding a feather to a teetering pile of stuff and the feather making the whole thing collapse? It is. Humanity makes a lot of decisions without an adequate understanding of their agreements, of the bonds they have to the life flow as a whole.

Removing a tiny rock from the dam could weaken the entire thing. It could for the sake of our understanding cause a great flood, functionally a complete break. That is what may be pending with 2012.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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