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Truth is beauty, and beauty truth. I have forever gazed upon beauty and am thus moved to engage its dark shadow.

Space Between Dimensional Pockets in Microcosm


In the space between these dimensional pockets, you have the seventh dimension. It’s a medium that is superficially apparent in the fifth, and surrounds the sixth like an atmosphere. Just as we can look up and see the night sky but exist in a relatively closed environment, an ecosystem, outer space doesn’t directly affect us much. Well, fifth dimensional beings are able to “look up” and see the chaos around their prime, but it doesn’t affect them much. That is until apocalypse.

Is the apocalypse something that happens whenever they speak? The apocalypse happens when fifth dimensional beings achieve actualization, full realization.

Fifth dimension are able to see seventh, or is that sixth can see it? Fifth can see, sixth touches. We can see only the sixth. Only they see the seventh. Fourth dimensional beings can also see the seventh dimension.

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Our fifth dimensional selves should be able to ‘look up’ and see the seventh dimension. The watchers. Yes.

So the third (we) see up to the sixth? For us, the sixth dimension looks like the quantum soup.

And fifth sees the seventh? Fifth sees the seventh as their sky.

Is the seventh dark matter? Yes, though it isn’t dark. It’s incredibly bright. The interference created by it squeezing into our space is why it looks dark to us.

Birds see the sixth dimension as they migrate, kind of like an ant being able to see your toe as it crawls across it. Really, all organisms on our level also see it, but we aren’t all conscious of it. So primes nest in the seventh dimension (which sort of like they say our planet somehow bends time space), bends around sixth dimensional bodies, because the activity of primes supports the seventh dimension. They are it’s “stars.” It’s energy source. Dark matter is non-differentiated matter, or rather multiplexed matter, where antimatter would just be matter reversed in the fourth dimension.

Like instant matter, just add water? Yes, specifically add the “gravity field” of a prime. So the relationship is in a sense symbiotic, like mitochondria in our cells. The seventh dimensional being is itself a whole region of the multiverse. Like our solar system is a region of space, it’s body is composed of countless primes. The multiverse is itself a huge interference pattern. To us, dark matter seems to be supportive if in a sense absent from our own space.

Is the seventh one universe or more then one? More than one universe. A body of universes each sharing traits in common. What some scientists call the anthropic principle. Everyone familiar with that?

Could you explain it? The odds of the universe being able to give rise to humanity seem incredibly slim. It teeters just on the verge of impossible seen from the point of view of physics. We are not the only universe in which humans could happen.

So the universe was made for us? Made of us.

Is the prime one universe? The prime would be the equivalent of a universe, yes, enfolded on itself.

For a solar system to come into being, a prime consciousness must exist there first? Exactly. The primes are the morphic fields for solar systems. Some even theorize that we could travel across space until we find a point where our universe begins repeating itself. This is a concept related to the notion that you would reverse on the time axis if you could travel faster than light.

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Travis Saunders
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