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I talk a lot does it make me a fool? I am saying silence by itself isn’t wisdom. A man of few words can just be dull.

Eighth and Ninth Dimension in Microcosm

We are at the last two dimensions next.

There are only nine? Yes, because the tenth in a singularity. An implosive well of being, also known as the well of souls.

Back to a dot so the circle completes? Yes.

In the eighth dimension, as they say, the lion lays down with the lamb. No time, no conflict, no need of force or acquisition, just harmony, song, and dance as well. The Uroboros spins, all the seventh dimensional beings spin, or move, resonate, like our atoms do. The image on this page is a good example even down to the heat reference. I was not surprised to hear that temperatures below absolute zero behave as though they were infinitely hot.

So for eighth dimensional beings, we have the Great Mother the Chinese call the Tao at this level. The dharma wheel which is itself a living being.

On the seventh dimension, you have the story circles. On the eighth, you have the grandmother who taught all the stories in the first place. Grandmother Spider as the Native Americans knew her, and beyond the Norns… It’s the same being remember. There is only one being in the eighth dimension. Beyond the Norns, you have the world tree, Yggdrasil. Fafnir is at the root. In the seventh dimension, Grandmother Spider is in the branches and Mount Olympus unifies it all. The huge wave peak that looks like every other thing.

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They are all the same eighth dimensional being? Yes. They are all children of the mother.

At the ninth dimension, you have the Om or well of souls. The Great Mother has sisters who are also herself, various aspects. Her selves travel all up and down the world tree, all through the well of souls keeping things in order. It can be compared to an infinite deep stair well.

The ninth dimension is the world tree and well of souls? Yes, pure being.

Containing all. Yes. The tenth dimension is just the base of the tree, the bottom of the well which exists everywhere. You don’t have to go down the rabbit hole. You were never outside of it. Sound like nonsense?

The ninth being sees no sky. There is just her? The tree sees the mother and feels it’s roots in the soul, in the soil, in us.

Sees within. Yes, like all trees do really. It’s their way.

So how to use this?

Well, the entire mass of existence is holographic, meaning every part is present in every other part. All of existence is inside you.

What this means is that you can interact with all of it though your practical range of immediate contact does have limits, and you can reconnoitre our own existence from any of those points of view and make more informed decisions. It’s why things like precognition and telepathy and other such things are possible. We already have people exploring the so called lower dimensions, even they are ranging more and more into the higher, but a second option is seriously needed, an unbiased observer, or rather differently biased. So if you needed a reason why you should seek to grow your metaphysical potential, is this one enough of a reason?

I read somewhere where some mystics and science folks are talking. That’s a good thing. It’s a very good thing, even vital perhaps.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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