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Atomic Structure is the Emergent Quality in Microcosm


Our current atomic theory is really a neo-atomism. We don’t actually interact directly with any little particles, and they provide no solid empirical evidence that they even exist. Why scientists continue to use an atomist model is it explains the behaviour of matter and energy, as they are able to observe it enough that they feel it’s workable. Apparently, it’s a pretty consistent model and lets them predict material qualities and energetic behaviour fairly accurately.

Being almost right or close enough can get us stuck in many areas. Yes, and they are having sticking points, some really big ones, to the point that they might force the rejection of their current paradigm all together.

Much of the ancient and modern atomism relies heavily on some sort of interaction with intelligence. The zeno effect as it’s sometimes called. More or less, we see what we expect to see. Our bodies and brains are composed according to the same principles that govern the formation of all other forms of matter. So even in the ancient deterministic schools, you would have an expectation or come to a conclusion, because in the end,┬áthat train of thought is a physical law just being expressed in your thinking, words and behaviour.

Determinism? In that school of thinking, but there are others, and each of these still has some correlation to modern science. Platonic atomism and its link to mathematics would seem linked to both the thinking of Pythagoras and the wave model of energy.

I need to offer a metaphor by way of explanation. Music. Many researchers are finding that our brain doesn’t so much just synthetically create music, as it expresses music from its innate structure and behaviour. With me so far?

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Well, if those rhythms are an outgrowth of the chemical and electrical behaviour of the brain, and these things are the product of energy and matter as it behaves in the universe in general…

So great composers have different brain structure? This kind of goes with that program I saw about Einstein’s brain having some difference in it that made his mind so brilliant. More refined sensitivity perhaps, but in this way music is not some long run end product but a fundamental principle of the universe itself just taking one special form with us. If so, then perhaps the process that leads to musical expression is not an emergent quality, and instead, atomic structure is the emergent quality.

I think our basic principal is to be noticed as human beings, to connect, that social animal. Like atoms seeking to connect, react and interact with each other, repelling some, bonding with others.

Atomic structure is the emergent quality so it’s not the underlying form? Yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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