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The Spirituality of Writing by Julie Ellis in Guest Articles


A Muse By Any Other Name…

It is no accident that so many writers, through centuries, have spoken of their “muses.” Some have obviously used the term in a secular and humorous way, to refer to those times when their writing came easily (my muse was “active” or “with me”) and when they experienced writer’s block (my muse has “left me”). Still, there is some acknowledgement on the part of all writers that their words ultimately come from some type of internal inspiration, no matter what they choose to call that “force.” I choose to call it Divine Mind – that universal force that exists within all of us and into which we may tap if we know how.

The Techniques for Cleaning Up the Connection to Universal Mind

Wayne Dyer, world-renowned metaphysician and author of numerous best-sellers, is a frequent and sought-after speaker on the subject, and he has a great deal to say about writing. He often talks about the words just “flying” out onto the page and, how, in one specific instance, he wrote an entire book in three days. “But I don’t write these books,” he often says. According to Dyer, he has a “clean” connection to Universal Mind, and It provides him with the ideas and the words. He is inspired by Divine Presence!

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So, how does one get the “dirt” and the “dust” and the “rust” off of that connection? With perseverance and practice, that’s how!

  • Meditation: Yes, we’ve all heard about meditation! And most of us practice some form of it, albeit there is not a precise and universal definition of what it is. Everyone would probably agree, however, that the purpose of meditation is to “quiet” one’s brain and discard all “earthly” thought, in order to get in tune with one’s inner self. A simple definition but not a simple activity! Without daily and consistent practice, one will never get into that “gap” about which most metaphysicians speak – that place in which there is no thought and which allows Mind to present itself in the form of ideas, thoughts, and answers. Through meditation, we clean that connection, can receive what we need, and even insert a thought or an affirmation.
  • Affirmation: We affirm ourselves and who we are every day, and we are exactly what we say we are. Mind does not know good from evil or right from wrong – it simply responds to our words and our thoughts. If, for example, you state, “I cannot finish this novel – I am blocked,” that is precisely what you can expect until you change that thought. If, on the other hand, you say, “I am a talented writer, and I have all that is necessary to finish this book,” then you are on your way.

And part of affirmation is “acting as if.” When strangers ask you what you do, instead of telling them about your “day” job (if you have one), tell them, “I am a writer!” You must plant those seeds of affirmation every day, until they become habitual and until you completely believe them yourself. As you do this, you are cleaning that connection!

Muse, Force, Divine Mind, Universal Source – it does not matter what you call it – it is infinite, all-powerful, and present for your access! Get in touch with your higher self, and experience the wonder that is you, the writer!

Julie Ellis
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

Julie Ellis believes that, only through experiential knowledge does one become an engaging and creative writer. Her degree in Journalism and a host of real-world study and experience, has made her a permanent and popular blogger for

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