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Shaped by Countless Universes in Microcosm

Higgs boson

Shall we get weirder now?

Let’s look at things from a quantum level. Everything in existence exists only as a tendency, a probability for that particular person, place, or thing to exist. Now what makes something come into existence is enough overlap between those tendencies, like two different ripple patterns crashing into each other, no accumulation, no person.

So if reality is just a matrix of tendencies interacting with each other which gives rise to actual structure as we know it, then might that explain realities propensity to change? They are even theorizing with the discovery of the Higgs boson that the time space vacuum itself may be unstable.

Continuous interaction = constant change? Yes, because anything exists only as long as the tendency for it to exist is propagated, like a physical karma.

So science could be chasing it’s tail. Changing reality hence the inconsistency in the results of the various studies? Yes.

In the case of vacuum instability, the Higgs boson may cause our time space to cease existing all together in the far future. Somewhere in our universe a new universe would form, and would spread through ours at the speed of light, overwriting everything we know. We wouldn’t have any time for drama. It would be as if someone just suddenly pulled the plug on literally everything. This isn’t even ancient atomism. This is the state of the art understanding. What do you think? I think they fail to account for mass loss. What is really an inter-dimensional bleed.

How do we “know” that is not happening right now? What we call “change,” then, would be a new universe taking ours over millisecond by millisecond…

Well, should I get into my personal weirdness? It has already happened. Universes don’t exist in remote locations across some void. Our own universe is inter-meshed not only with another universe, but many other universes. Singularities, as they arise in the case of black wormholes and the dimensional fissures that are cosmic strings, are not simply the byproduct of matter and energy as it expanded out in this universe, and the dark matter is not just some mysterious matter that we for some reason can’t directly detect. These structures arise from the action of one universe on another.

The physical laws of this universe and the minds in it are not just the arbitrary outcomes of things going on here, but are shaped by not just one other universe, but countless other universes all at the same time, and the matter and energy that have come together to form your body and brain here are just one outcome or expression of that matrix of tendencies to exist. This matrix could be called a body of energy, but it doesn’t obey the laws of energy as they behave here. It’s more a hyper energy that exists as an interplay of the physical, if you have to call it that, laws of countless universes.

So the Buddhist monk, who laughs at the notion that atoms are real, has an understanding of the underlying matrix? Yes.

To draw on the story flatland for an explanation, if humanity could exist in one dimension space with one dimensional beings, without exception to those beings, we would appear to be just another point like all the other points they know. This one dimensional being would have some sense of mystery though, because a big part of their existence would be tied up in the line of their movement. This line would be “occult” to them. All they see is points, and your talk of a three dimensional space would just break their little minds. The same goes with two dimensional space. You have a great deal more variety there, things can have angles, or lack angles, and you can begin to count things. Two dimensional beings could understand mathematics. They could even understand time as there are a number of steps involved in perceiving the side of a pentagon. One dimensional beings couldn’t understand time.

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Travis Saunders
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