'Microcosm' Chapter

Everything in existence exists only as a tendency, a probability for that particular person, place, or thing to exist. What makes something come into existence is enough overlap between those tendencies, like two different ripple patterns crashing into each other. No accumulation, no person.

Much of the ancient and modern atomism relies heavily on some sort of interaction with intelligence. Our bodies and brains are composed according to the same principles that govern the formation of all other forms of matter.

“Our soul is cast into a body, where it finds number, time, dimension. Thereupon it reasons, and calls this nature necessity, and can believe nothing else.” Blaise Pascal

Schools of Atomism

Atomism was metaphysics before it was ever incorporated into what we call science now. It grew out of lines of thinking about the ultimate substance of reality, and took many forms in both western and eastern culture. There were two… Seek More

Atomic Structure is the Emergent Quality

Our current atomic theory is really a neo-atomism. We don’t actually interact directly with any little particles, and they provide no solid empirical evidence that they even exist. Why scientists continue to use an atomist model is it explains the… Seek More

Shaped by Countless Universes

Shall we get weirder now? Let’s look at things from a quantum level. Everything in existence exists only as a tendency, a probability for that particular person, place, or thing to exist. Now what makes something come into existence is… Seek More

Three Dimensional Beings

Now we get to three dimensional beings, but first a rewind…┬áIn two dimensional space the circles would be their mystics. They would be the ones able to understand unity from their personal perspective. A circle would be the two dimensional… Seek More

Fourth Dimensional Beings

Shall I go into fourth dimensional beings? They don’t think in terms of cause and effect as we do. They don’t experience existence in that way. They move through a space by a chain of relationships. Space being structured by… Seek More

Watchers & Walkers

I don’t pretend to understand most of this, but dimensionality is feeling more and more like an “energetic” phenomenon rather than a spatial one. The fourth dimension being the state of energy we call entropy, yes. To fourth dimensional beings… Seek More


About the akashic record or bardo… You have what some Buddhists refer to as the pure land. It has other names, the summer land, nirvana, Valhalla. It’s all and none of these. The watchers give the fifth dimensional being something… Seek More

Higher Dimensions

Shall I leave it at the fifth dimension for now? You could have another class on the higher dimensions? Indeed, there are five more after that. I left off at the fifth dimensional beings. The fourth dimensional beings could be… Seek More

Fifth Dimensional Being

The fifth dimensional being, that corresponds to you as you know yourself to be here, would be difficult to recognize as having anything in common with you. This being embodies not only your personal thread of existence but also all… Seek More


Shall we move beyond the fifth? In the dimension sixth sphere, you have what we would perceive to be raw sentience having none of the distinctions we use to make intelligible sense of our world. Pure principle, pure expression. Where… Seek More