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Fourth Dimensional Beings in Microcosm

Dream time

Shall I go into fourth dimensional beings?

They don’t think in terms of cause and effect as we do. They don’t experience existence in that way. They move through a space by a chain of relationships. Space being structured by entropy more than mass. While we think of entropy as the break down and progressive disorder of a system, for them it’s just dimension. The width of a fourth dimensional beings living room, metaphorically speaking, would be measured by the number of outcome shifts or changes in state it took to get to the destination outcome. For them the tendency of hot dogs to exist is like the behaviour of electricity is to us.

Anything static is magical? In a sense, like anything immaterial is to us. We think things end when entropy has dispersed them. All that actually happened is they expanded.

For the fourth dimensional being, our entropy is their “spaces” tendency for things to emerge. Fourth dimensional space would seem a little lagged to our point of view as anything that hasn’t persisted long enough will have failed to emerge on their level.

Is “time” the fourth dimension, then? Yes, it would be, other than for them it wouldn’t be experienced as time. Mystics have called it the akashic record, or the dream time. It’s shown up as an intuition in a lot of ways in our world.

The heroic beings of the aboriginal dream time would be fourth dimensional beings. If they showed up in our space they would either have to shield their true form from us and would thus look like some mundane thing, or they would appear in such a way that our brains would struggle to make intelligible sense of it. We would know that we aren’t seeing an animal or monster, but we couldn’t make ourselves see anything else. They would appear to have magical powers to us. For them, it would be really mundane. All they would be doing is interacting with the tendency of hot dogs to exist.

Following the Flatworld analogy, would we have any connection — or awareness – or capacity to perceive the fourth (or higher) dimensions, at all? We could only perceive them in a tangential way. The reason we don’t see these beings doing magical things, even, is that despite their ability to freely manipulate the tendency of object to exist and events to occur (for them this is akin to our walking or talking), our brains couldn’t even allow us to interpret the change. They would strain and just ignore the changed thing, until we became acclimatized to the “entropy” of it which feels cold/hot to us.

They have found states of matter colder than absolute zero. They behave as if they were infinitely hot. Fortunately, fourth dimensional beings use a light touch with us. Mostly we just experience mild cold spots, and everything else remains stable.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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