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Reptilian Brain in Brains


You don’t have just one brain, really. You have three. Like the three worlds of Shamanism, they are staked one on top of the other. And although people say they use their higher functions, I will offer insight that may reveal this is actually not so common. I will compare the brain to the Shamanic world tree.

At your root, you have what could be called your “reptilian” brain which for most is a sort of Fafnyr chewing at the roots of your world. The reptilian brain is responsible for your autonomic “consciousness.” It tells you that you are hungry or frightened, but doesn’t actually tell you what to do about it, not beyond the most primal sense. An infant shows a strong influence from the reptilian brain as they put things of shiny or brightly colored quality in their mouths.

It is the survival instinct? The reptilian brain is the seat of the survival instinct, yes, but usually just the elements that lay “below” your normal consciousness. Most peoples reptilian brains are not well developed, so they often engage in very primitive responses to things that are perhaps much too abstract to be handled without at least some level of higher functioning. Like when a guy impulsively grabs or kisses a female (or male if he is so inclined), this is very reptilian brain. The mating instinct itself is seated there.

Is it reptilian for the woman to respond either in a negative or positive way? Good question and no, not really. The reptilian brain would make her respond to aggressive behaviour with sexual receptivity, as this is the most primal evidence of a “strong” mate. This is perhaps why women all like the “bad boy” to one degree or another.

Where is the reptilian brain located physically? At the very base of the brain, just above the brain stem. You can tell if you’re having a reptilian moment because the neck can get very stiff, and it’s closely linked to the visual center of the brain so the eyes dilate as well.

It seems odd, but I don’t disagree. To like the bad boy even though he might not make a very good partner in life. Good point, and we will explain that with the next brain, the limbic or early mammalian brain.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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