'Brains' Chapter


You have three brains. Reptilian, mammalian and cerebrel cortex. The reptilian brain is responsible for your autonomic “consciousness”. The early mammalian brain is the part of your brain that has the more complex behaviour options when fight or flight is triggered. The cerebral cortex has the power of the inductive and deductive processes, which are both just complex pattern recognition, and it has the detailed memory.

For psionic function, most people have very disorderly minds and run up against some issues that are entirely hard wired into the brain. Then they try to “force of will” their way past it and just create an even bigger mess. You have locked up your psionic potential in constructs and then lost control of them. How do we get control of our psionic potential? Don’t believe the lie.

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking” Albert Einstein (German born American Physicist. 1879-1955)

“The more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use.” George Dorsey (WWII veteran)

Reptilian Brain

You don’t have just one brain, really. You have three. Like the three worlds of Shamanism, they are staked one on top of the other. And although people say they use their higher functions, I will offer insight that may… Seek More

Early Mammalian Brain

The limbic system, or the early mammalian brain, is the part of you that has more than an immediate sense of your environment. It has some limited ability to predict, and has awareness of humanity as a group. Gives you… Seek More

Brains In Consciousness

Before I go onto the third brain, I should describe how the first and second brains function together in our consciousness. When you first wake up in the morning, it’s your reptilian brain that wakes first, and well, it can be said… Seek More

Brains In Psionic Function

I will now go into how the brains work for psionic function. Most people have very disorderly minds, and run up against some issues that are entirely hard wired into the brain. Then they try to “force of will” their… Seek More

Secret To Effective Psionic Function

There is a way we can get out of our brains way, and let it actually obey the mind. Ready? The feeling mind always has feelings about what you “imagine” to be reality. It’s not capable of judging anything, so… Seek More

Using Psionic Potential

How do we get control of our psionic potential, so we are the ones using it? We are like marionettes. It is quite simple, really. You have been told one big whopping lie, and you have to convince yourself it’s not… Seek More

Trust The Monkey Mind

Side note. They did give chimpanzees a computer game to play. A simple puzzle, but it was something even humans would find a bit challenging, and if they won, they got a treat. It was a test of their short… Seek More

Affected By You

Space has nothing to do with psionic influence. The mind has space only in the sense it has form. It forms a vast network spreading all across our planet and beyond, but I will focus on our planet. If I… Seek More

My Brain

I have made mention of a brain project I have been undertaking. I am leary to talk about it, but my intuition says maybe I should, so I will trust it if you are willing. Well, they have discovered under… Seek More

Brain Signals

Your brain is an interesting system. It has only very limited ability to tell the literal from the imagined. As you go through your day you are bombarded with sensation that has little to differentiate it from hypnotic suggestion. We… Seek More