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Smiles start diplomacy. Conflict resolution without blood shed. Gallons and gallons of too much blood shed and it wasn’t from passion. Was actually very cold. Indoctrinated passion…unnatural.

You are the Only Evidence in Brains

Glitch Moment

As I said earlier, you are the only evidence of your beliefs. You are the only evidence of your experience. You are the only evidence you even exist.

My reason for saying that is, we live as if the reverse was true. We live as if our experiences were facts of an external world, as if our beliefs were something we picked up and can put down in the external world, as if all the things we cling to are the source of our very being, as if we would somehow evaporate if we didn’t have these things to reference. Is this unfair to say?

Again some adult language… People say, “That person pissed me off.” What they are thinking is that person pissed off me, and we conclude that person is the experience of being pissed off. Maybe even that they are pissed off themselves when in fact the only person experiencing anything is you.

Here is a good glitch exercise. Next time someone criticizes you, agree with them. Really back the criticism. Enjoy the experience of finding fault with them as if you were them. What do you think would happen?

It depends on what type of person they are.

They’ll reverse or drop it.

You may have to keep up with their changes, but they can’t outrun you mentally any more than you were able to outrun their criticism.

If they are a controlling person, they will be happy that they are controlling you. If they are a griefer, they will continue to grief you. Ah, they can’t control you unless you are there to be controlled. They have to be able to effect you, produce a reaction. If you become part of their action, then it stops being possible to get anything they want, or even really keep track of what they wanted in the first place.

Who says you have to be any particular idea? Who says you have to be you? What is this you that you can actually be it? If you can define this idea of you, can you redefine it? If not why not? What do you think?

I think it’s best not to let others define who you are. I think it is wonderful to let others define who I am. It saves a lot of time and effort. It keeps me from wasting my own energy because they are going to do it anyway. If I understand how they define me, I can find the glitch in how they define me also. By defining me, they don’t control me. If anything, I control them. So if they want to volunteer… Well, that’s their business.

I also define myself. It’s great fun. Sort of like getting a foot massage, it reminds you that you still have that room, those options. Without self defining, also known as self knowledge, what freedom can you even begin to have? There are people who reject every definition, yell “You don’t know me!” Guess what? Everybody knows them. Everybody controls them. Every funny look, every pointed comment, keeps serving like a red hot poker that makes them react. How is rejection of definition able to give you freedom?

To break the mold, to move through the glitch, to control your world, you have to first know the hand that modelled you. It is you. You have to know the mind that lied to you, again that’s you. You have to know what you really want.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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