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The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

Usefulness of the Glitch in Brains

Glitch Moment

So usefulness of the glitch, and you folks would be better at this than I am with familiarity and some little practice.

Remember how I described how more or less the environment and the automatic process of your body pretty much controls you? Could you control yourself if you kept everything exactly as it is in your head? If you left nothing about your thoughts and perceptions undisturbed? What if you just consciously took control of your social labelling process?

Social labelling process? You do it. It’s instinctive. Annoying guy, flirty guy, anxious lady, helpful lady. What if every time you met a person, you consciously decided to let them show you what kind of person they are? Every time you met them? Would it be that hard? Take that much time?

That question alone draws me to learn how rarely I do this.

I don’t always think to be conscious of the moment.

We don’t like flexible labels normally, and there are things that automatically put us on autopilot if we don’t intervene. A simple one? The human face. How often do you deliberately look at shoes?

Almost never. What if you spent your day off, and decided that on that day it would be a shoe world? Only shoes exist. What would the world feel like to you?

I don’t think I have the chromosomes to do that. Actually, you do, because you already do. Remember I said the human face puts you on autopilot?

I’d get bored of shoes after an hour. Why don’t you get bored of being bored? You see the world as if only people exist, and actually you see the world as if only you exist. Aren’t you bored of that?

The world makes sense to you only because of that tendency. You at least subconsciously sort everything in this way. “What does this mean to me? What did they say to me? Why don’t they like me? Why do they hate me?” Everything you experience sorted through the idea of me. You never experience they. You wouldn’t really know they from a hole in the ground.

That’s why I spoke of a day of shoes, but it can be a day of any other meaningless thing or supposedly meaningless. Before long you will experience the nature of meaning. You will be able to feel how it emerges from you, and recognize where it is echoed in the world around you. People miss the opportunity to realize their blind spots. They don’t realize that they are computing at all, that a process is even going on, because they keep to the process. They keep to what makes sense to them. You can’t see your own brain from the inside, not with your own eyes, but you can see your mental process because it is expressed outwardly around you and forms your experience of the world according to you.

Are spiders scary?

Yes. Are spiders scary because of the spiders?

Because they bite and have way too many legs. Snakes – no legs – not scary. I have very rarely been bitten by a spider. I have more reason to fear violent assault from a human being than a spider bite. It’s more likely that my wife might accidentally spill something hot on me, then me get bitten by a spider.

People are very scary, but we aren’t allowed to squish them like spiders. Ah, but we are allowed to squish their minds, and we do it all the time. How much do you believe your mother is capable of mentally? How about your father? Your house pet?

I believe my cat was smarter than most people. Do you believe that the kid behind the counter at McDonalds is an up and coming medical genius? If not why not? Is it actually about the kid?

It’s a possibility. Or the homeless guy can teach you about metaphysics.

We laugh when someone in a chat-room says they are a doctor or something really impressive like that. I wonder why because I know medicine is not always a glamorous career. It’s quite hellish to be honest. I believe them until I learn for sure otherwise. Most of those glamorous jobs require very little social response. If someone tells me they’re a doctor, I would respond with something like, “That’s cool, hows the weather?” People have expectations, ideas of what a job means, or what no job means, and these ideas have only one basis in reality, them. You are the only evidence of your beliefs.

Your response is often, “So, what do you do for fun?” Ah, indeed. It is an important question. It’s much more interesting to learn what someone does for fun.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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