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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Create a Break in Brains

Glitch Moment

The secret is very simple. Don’t take a break. That’s just putting the mental radio on auto while you sip your drink and distract yourself with something else. You have to create a break, create a moment of insanity, discover things and really notice when they don’t make sense. Embrace that they don’t make sense. Realize that any sense that you think the world has comes from you, was created by you. Understand that you can create these things consciously. Is the value of doing so clear?

Not always. Well then let me elucidate. Consider a common situation. Have any of us not been in a convenience store?

You walk in and all the furnishings are arrayed in a specific way, sometimes in an obvious way, like lined up with the walls, and sometimes with a bit more imagination, one isle situated at an angle let’s say. But is this the way it absolutely must be?

Well, they set the basics like milk farthest away. Could the stuff not all be placed on tables? Or even arranged in cubby holes like IKEA made famous.

I walk against the arrows in IKEA. Excellent.

We arrive at a specific way of arranging and displaying merchandise, but is there really a reason to do it that way? If there was then why don’t they all do it the same way? If there is a reason for what people do, in anything at all, then why don’t they all do it the same way? Follow the same reason?

In Glasgow, they had a guy on the PA tell someone to stop going against the arrows on the floor.

And why can’t I buy ketchup in a mustard jar?

They like a challenge. Routine eventually gets your brain dulled, at least for me it does. Some people only every do things in the routine way. They even have a name for them now, normopaths. If anything being irregular or abnormal makes you have a powerful negative reaction, really disrupts your behaviour or function, you are a normopath.

I have met people who have had varying degrees of normopathy in their personalities. The trait is not really all that rare.

People who freak out if you don’t have laces in your tennis shoes. Indeed. Excellent example.

Glitch MomentYour T-shirt is a good example of a glitch? It is. If you read it too quickly and don’t think about it, you might think it just some tough guy posturing or something foolish like that, but it’s nothing of the sort. This shirt is true of me. Beware rice crispies, for you are doomed!

If someone puts the toilet roll on backwards? War! See how easily you discover normopathic tendencies.

You are constantly glitching. It’s actually true. From the neuroscience perspective, the various regions of my brain don’t adequately complete the hand-off of information. Nothing in my brain is really complete until I complete it. It can be annoying even for me personally. I don’t just see a chip bag. What you might notice almost automatically I have to in a sense “search” for.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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