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Shamanic trance is just a more primal method of the “scientific” method.

Communion in Brains

Glitch Moment

For the Buddha that was reflecting back on his experience as an ascetic (and it took him quite some time as his culture was steeped in asceticism, monks and holy men were a dime a dozen so to speak), he realized that seeking an object, a god or an abstract objective, was the source of suffering, the source of spiritual bondage, not the flesh. Shall I get a bit adult here?

This is for the ladies. Sex seems sort of bland does it not? Like it’s missing something?

Vanilla sex. You may enjoy it, but you always feel maybe like you wanted something more from it?

I think that depends on who you are with. I don’t think so. I think almost without exception it’s the case, and women aren’t as excited by the look of their partner as men are.

Sometimes they are, but they get turned on by other things as well. Well, I can go into the neuroscience, and I can just say they have found some pretty concrete and universal features of the female brain, but in this case, expectation is not the issue, not for women. It’s the male tendency to be goal oriented, to try to get it done, get satisfaction. It’s an abstract adaption, perhaps, of the hunter instinct that makes sex for women lacklustre. Like my classes, do they feel sort of strange?

That’s why I like them. Like it takes a long time to get down to something of substance?

We wonder where it’s going. Well, this process occurs on all levels. The perception of the slow start in my classes is more often than not an illusion, meaning my class content tends to have the same value and substance the whole way through.

We know you are ramping up to something. Indeed, but actually I am not. You are.

Yes, new people who don’t give it the time won’t get it. It takes time to get in sync, to achieve sensory cohesion. It’s deeper than communication. The only word I have for it is communion.

Each word you follow is triggering not just your intellect, but your senses as well. You can’t have an idea without a sensation. As those sensations begin to sync up with each other in your brain, the whole context of what you are reading seems to change for you. It seems to make more sense even though it’s still me thinking the way I do and you still think the way you do.

This can be achieved in sex. It can be achieved in work. It can be achieved in meditation, and in self awareness, but our attention is tied up in our stream, in the radio program of our favourite mental oldies, and we just overlook our chance at real experience and real decision, real interaction, real self expression. Is this too much for me to claim?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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