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Call For Communion in Invocation


Does anyone know, what is invocation?

A call. It is that, but there is more. Anyone ever hear the term conjuration? It was originally a term describing an oath and then became used to describe what would amount to a court subpoena. It was a call to appear. The reason I point this out is because most people focus on calls to have something appear, and these work very rarely, if at all. Most people, for one, have not done the work that would give them that sort of presence to support that call. The other, being that the beings called on are generally perfectly free to totally ignore calls from some upstart human.

Invocation is actually more reliable, and invocation is a call for communion. It does not rely on external appearance, but instead is based on a basic understanding of reality that we all came from the same source. So an invocation is a call for the one summoned to indwell or overshadow the caller, though sometimes the call is lead by someone else.

Invocation is typically thought to apply to divinities, but in fact is not confined to a limited class of beings as we all are constituents of the originating divine force anyway. All beings that exist are echoed in you.

I prefer to invoke Michael when I feel a need to invoke at all. Oh, indeed, and though all world cultures have practiced some form of invocation, individual practitioners don’t share a universal affinity for all spirits they are familiar with.

When you are invoking, how do you keep beings from coming in that you don’t want to come in? Good question, and most of what there is to learn about invocation is about that very thing. Once an invocation is successful, you don’t control it for the remainder of the ceremony. The preparation leading up to the ceremony attunes you to the spirit you intend to call. You cease to be an appropriate channel for anything else.

There are deceitful spirits. Yes, so you have to clarify your energy. You shape your personal power in such a way that you can only host the intended being. This is accomplished in many ways, meditation and prayer being two big practices. As your energy is buzzing with your awareness of the power of the one you would call, only they can come if all your preparations are in order.

I have studied that one can invoke a familiar spirit to shield oneself from a foreign invoked spirit. For instance, he routinely used a special talisman to peer through when invoking the worst of spirits. Bound to the talisman were the names of three powerful “good” spirits. Thank you, and in fact yes. One way of preparing is learning about the order of the spirit world itself. It does have order and “rules” of a sort, which not only apply to the spirits you might interact with, but they apply to you as well. In fact, most of you know more about how invocation might work than you may think you do. Example. Cause and effect applies to them and to us. Can maybe also call it karma. A deceitful spirit can only raise a stink for so long before the disturbance it causes draws attention from other spirits.

You can prepare in advance, but there are some mysteries here. You might ask then, why some hauntings and other disturbances can last so long?

My understanding of spirits is that they WANT recognition. They do, and for the same reasons we do, both positive and negative. But as I said earlier, some of those negative hauntings can go on for so long because there are rules, and if you are feeding the presence of a negative spirit then that invokes a totally different rule than if you are observing proper form.

Some spirits in their positive aspect are spirits of the hunt/defense, but in their negative aspect they are spirits of bloodshed. If you willingly cling to violent and angry behaviour, it constitutes an invitation for them to linger. The stories of Hawaiian people actually have accounts of spirits lingering too long, and at first being harmless, but then becoming harmful.

Example. House, friend, grandmother, but her daughter’s house is sick. I was called in. The minute I saw the address, I knew, uh oh …. First off it is in path of Night Warriors. That is BIG problem here. Things built in sacred paths. I went to house, stood outside, made blank the mind and body, and listened. She stood next to me. I said I go in first. I go to center of house, from that place begin the conversation. Mind receptive, then with appropriated chanting, move about, learning, seeing. Then found the spot of stuckness. It was like a cylindrical wall, anger, lots. I called her in.. he hele mai e tita, e hele mai. I say to her, “What happened here?” There is too much violence. She breaks into tears. This is where her daughter’s husband had been beating her. I pull her close, do some ritual things, then teach her things she should know. This is the path of the Warriors. They have been halted in their journey to the place at the sea. You know which one. This is as clear an example of invocation practice as anyone could offer.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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