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From the stillness all things arise in their perfected forms. What causes things to degrade is an accumulated static. Noise kills.

Permit Justice in Justice


Peace is justice. There is no justice in punishment.

Now, as resistance mounts and dependencies become the rule, it’s an unfortunate but necessary evil that some things be stopped. Sometimes nothing else will work. None yet have such spiritual power that they can put a warring nation to peace by declaration alone.

Some dependencies are forced on us to keep us from trying to attain the peace, aren’t they? Exactly.

If I make the peace, they won’t provide me with stuff. This is true. Peace gives you no stuff. Peace just gives you the source of all creativity, left intact.

The symbol of the sword works here. To the normal man a sword takes a life. This is the most obvious thought. If I want something you have and you won’t just give it, I can kill you and take it. To the enlightened one, the sword is the final answer to progressive death. The sword preserves life and has a place only to the degree it serves that purpose. If faced with opposition from the life of the world to your actions, and empathy fails, the world itself will use a sword. It is working on that now.

The way of the sword. Humanity didn’t create it. Normally though, it’s a very limited thing. The predator culls the prey that have spread too much or who have grow weak or sick. This is a mercy and no evil.

What form will the sword take? What do you know? The sword will come in the form of insanity. You cannot pollute the worlds mind and not feel it. The empathy that heals will become the sword that kills.

I thought you might be speaking of a physical construct designed by a party who seeks control. No. That will precede it. This is already in effect, but the same principle that allows us to make peace with other species can, if pressed, allow the world to make war with us if it must. We are feeling it now, electromagnetic shifts, strange breakdowns of communication technologies, new forms in viral matter of newer prions.

What about fusion? Fusion can help restore things. Fusion would serve as the basis for technologies that will allow a transcendence humanity can’t now even imagine.

Can they affectively contain it? With their current attempts, no. They can’t contain it. They will fail. This will make a huge noise of course, multiplication of quantum singularities. Physical laws will begin to break down, slowly.

Ah, localized? Well, like ice with continued heat, it can spread.

How large will be the area effected before stabilization occurs? About the size of Australia, but this doesn’t have to happen. There is a new potential arising in humans. It will allow insights that permit better orchestration of the worlds scientific efforts.

So yes, justice. Very important. I will speak this as a general plea to anyone who may read this. Please permit the worlds balance. Please permit justice among yourselves, or the only ones left will be people like me and my descendants. Those you call “defective”.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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