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I talk a lot does it make me a fool? I am saying silence by itself isn’t wisdom. A man of few words can just be dull.

Greater Picture in Justice


I feel I should address personal justice more. Everyone ever see a chick in the egg, or a fish? Conceptually the same. When they developed to the stage of having a form as we know forms, they have this sack attached to them. It doesn’t stay and it doesn’t change into anything else, but as they mature the sacks contents are absorbed into the maturing chicken.

We all have those bubbles. Collections of psychic energy that are attached to us. They let us absorb information and experience in a way that nurtures our growth, but in time they are to be absorbed.

That is in humanities future, but before then we can be more mindful of what is affecting our thought bubble. Sort of play the role of mother hen to ourselves by hunting and pecking. If you have ever watched a chicken feed, they are very good at finding cracks. This isn’t for the exploitative reason that human ego is motivated to pursue. As George Carlin says, we don’t hear horrors about chickens, because chickens are good people.

Ok, back to cracks. A chicken begins its life by finding a crack which its mother will gently help create. The reason chickens are such good crack finders, look for breaches in the wall, it’s because beyond the wall is what feeds you. Beyond the wall is reality and wisdom, peace and love. The shell has its purpose, and even grows in utero, even expands a bit without breaking while it matures. There is a natural way our thought bubbles are supposed to work, and it isn’t to be spammed with media BS until our mind itself falls apart. This will kill us as sure as being “spammed” with the same amount of bullets.

It isn’t that our peace and comfort are bad or morally wrong, but people think they are satisfying themselves eating a whole cake, until they have to go and puke it all back up. We have to acknowledge the greater picture, the true order and only real justice that is possible in order to feed our personal views in a healthy way.

The greater picture beyond our thought bubble? Yes, and what can happen is eventually the thought bubble is so vast that any separation is meaningless. When we are ready, our potential will be such that our current level of ease will seem a hardship. Our current comforts will be crude impositions that our descendants wonder what was ever the purpose of.

I am not just painting a pretty picture here. If it seem like a pretty picture fine, but it has a purpose. All of what I describe is now, can be now, and like any habit endures in sequences of now.

I will invite you friends, what joy have you ever known because anyone “respected” you? I will offer that it’s about neither respect or disrespect. When you see the whole way, the bigger picture, the greater justice, every encounter brings joy. It is a joy to see everyone. You need not be respected if respect and disrespect never are a part of anyone’s views.

Can we say there is always justice in that bigger picture? Yes. It’s the only justice that allows survival, and justice allows error, but justice does not allow redundancy. It will reject unbalanced repetition.

The justice is out there, somewhere. It is in here (points at my heart). In yours, too.

I would argue that what is truly healthy for one, is healthy for us all. I’m not meaning any kind of selfish desire. And what is truly healthy for all is variability. Nature thrives on diversity. But also yes, nature doesn’t treat any individual as privileged, because to be privileged you have to be self contained. Nothing else can be in you, and you have the whole world in you.

I’m meaning a complete and utter sharing of self. My individuality adds positively to yours. Yes. The special case is that everything is a special case. The exception to the rule is that everything is an exception to rules.

Graced? To know grace is to know you are not self contained, and to cease worrying about that. You aren’t dependant. Dependency can only exist when there is something you cannot have. People become drug dependant, because they fear there is something they cannot have.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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