'Justice' Chapter


Justice is boundaries, and in a perfectly just world nothing could survive. Nothing could survive in a perfectly just world because nothing could arise. The perfectly ordered reality would be a blank surface, complete void. All creation can have its existence only to the degree that it is an interruption of order. We have reality because order and chaos balance each other.

Please permit the worlds balance. Please permit justice among yourselves, or the only ones left will be people like me and my descendants. Those you call “defective”. Peace is justice. There is no justice in punishment.

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” Dennis Wholey

“Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice.” Harrison Ford (American actor, b.1942)

“Nothing is to be preferred before justice.” Socrates (Ancient Greek Philosopher, 470 BC-399 BC)

Justice Is Order

What is justice, friends? I think a balance, like the scales of Libra. Consequence somehow in balance. It’s not marginal. Consequence perhaps. People typically relate it to ‘deserving’. Karma. All good, thank you. Today, I intend to offer the premise… Seek More

Personal Justice

There are two commonly perceived domains of order and therefore justice. The two domains of order are the personal and the natural. These are not necessarily in agreement nor must they necessarily be, not in any absolute sense. Mostly people… Seek More

Broken Order

The seeds of other peoples orderly world, or “world order”, are present in our lives in what we call roles, jobs, relationships, self images, social rank and public image, even fashion of dress. It’s very wide spread. These are not… Seek More

Concern With Justice

People are generally very concerned with justice, or are they? Doesn’t it seem like justice somehow loses some of its letters in translation and becomes a four letter word? A relative justice? Relative justice. Interesting notion. Because are our codes… Seek More

Deliberate Change

So justice, why don’t we have it? Any thoughts? These issues are prevalent now only because we have collectively learned to sustain our food supply. We have luxury and idle time galore. True, and we sacrificed the very self knowledge… Seek More

Greater Picture

I feel I should address personal justice more. Everyone ever see a chick in the egg, or a fish? Conceptually the same. When they developed to the stage of having a form as we know forms, they have this sack attached to… Seek More

Permit Justice

Peace is justice. There is no justice in punishment. Now, as resistance mounts and dependencies become the rule, it’s an unfortunate but necessary evil that some things be stopped. Sometimes nothing else will work. None yet have such spiritual power… Seek More