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We have survived as long as we have not for our normal humans. They tend to function sort of like deer caught in headlights. They just stand confused or just keep doing what they are doing. We have survived because some of our kind had natural traits so strong they couldn’t conform to our unnatural ideas and prejudices.

Broken Order in Justice


The seeds of other peoples orderly world, or “world order”, are present in our lives in what we call roles, jobs, relationships, self images, social rank and public image, even fashion of dress. It’s very wide spread.

These are not totally negative. They can be helpful to have some loose ideas for how to organize our interactions with each other, but we treat them as absolutes, and thus arise huge social struggles that have absolutely no constructive or life affirming purpose.

So, why is personal order broken? Why does personal life seem so chaotic and uncontrollable?

Struggle between different ideas of order? Yes, but why do those arise and what purpose do they serve?

For the purpose of evolution? Growth? They can serve that purpose, but can’t they also retard growth? Don’t they actually do that a lot? We have those struggles, because instinctively we know that the species consciousness is broken. The consensus reality is deranged, but most are not equipped to rectify any of it. So, like drowning rats we all try to crawl onto each others back to try to get our head above water, without realizing that we don’t even know which way is up.

This is not necessary to human progress. It doesn’t serve, but to add insult to injury. So, why don’t we stop?

Still, I find there is value. Oh, there is value in flocking together, yes. Because if one of the flock sees a way out, they all can find it. If a drowning person fights you, you and the drowning victim will both drown. What would it take to help the people not drown in this self made bucket?

I would, in that case, allow them to drown. Sad, but I must. That is one view, but the species as a whole is in jeopardy, and humanity arose for a greater purpose than its own. Sometimes the runt survives and adds a new and stronger facet to the species as a whole, like a bigger brain.

Do we need to smack humanity some how? Humanity will be smacked, but what matters is how humanity deals with it. This is where we get into the natural order, and what could be called real justice. Most people don’t even begin to perceive it. In Taoism, they say it’s even impossible to effectively speak of it, but it is there for observation. The natural order gets a vote in our little struggle, and it represents majority rule. So it will win.

Joseph Campbell said similar, for to speak even of the sacred is to profane it immediately. This is why I openly admit my heresy, but the natural order has been just. It has been fair to us. It is written in our very beings, our true nature. It is ourselves who made the collective choice to ignore that. We did not spawn our own flesh and blood, nor did we engineer our own brains. Nature was much more clever than us.

It remains to be seen how many will be equipped with heightened awareness of the subtle before the system becomes too complex to move toward a collective positive change. This is something I’m watching myself, and a big part of what motivates me to do my talks. The oil spill off the gulf coast. There will be one thing after another. The fireball that was seen across the States. I haven’t followed it closely, because it’s a superficial signal.

We can share in an intelligence that transcends our own. We just have to avoid being a bunch of narcissistic lemmings.

The planets gravity well itself is like a huge thumbprint. It shifts and can change how time space behaves. I offer it does this intelligently. The finger of “God” is wiggling to gesture us to movement. We can get out of the road.

I offer that this intelligence is there at the root core of energy. Even sub strata to the tiniest particles. I can see this. I second that notion. The particulars can be debated or just experienced. I favour experience. If I favour a word/picture I like, then I will use it, but I won’t stop looking at it to talk about it.

We are all innocent, and at our core phase of existence we remain innocent. It’s only in the layers we get buried under that we become guilty. It would be very strange if we could win a court case by getting naked, but even in courts some were won with naked pictures of the victim.

There is a song I like. The lyrics are a dialogue between the self and the ego, and the phrase from the self was “Come on, get up, let me see your bruises.” People often fear the true self when they encounter it. It can seem very fierce, but it is ultimately the most just and compassionate part of ourselves. The ego unravels when the true self asks to see its bruises, how it’s actually been victimized. There is nothing for it to show, because only fear justifies its existence.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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