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The only power is what comes from the heart.

Personal Justice in Justice


There are two commonly perceived domains of order and therefore justice. The two domains of order are the personal and the natural. These are not necessarily in agreement nor must they necessarily be, not in any absolute sense.

Mostly people are aware of personal order. When we feel our personal sense of justice is not served, we need to interject our order onto societies? Yes, exactly. But let’s take it down in scale. Most people perceive their life to be “unfair” to some degree. It’s so common an attitude to have become a well shared aphorism, “Life is unfair”. It is an interesting notion, so I will discuss it.

Life is, or can be, unfair for two reasons. I know of two only. One is that life does not agree with your nature as you perceive it, so you feel oppressed. Like you aren’t allowed to “be yourself”, because in your perception that is not allowed. And yes, seen in that way life is very unfair, but more accurately it is you who are unfair. You are being unfair to yourself. Now why is it that anyone would do that, let alone make it a life long habit?

That phrase alone says a lot about the culture it was spoken from. Asians or Hawaiians do not generally think that way. We are already our “self”. “Be yourself” is an individualistic idea/thought. I understand what you are saying. There is no concept of exclusion, so no need for personal exclusion. So there is no purpose in “conforming“.

Learned behaviours…trance mentality. Yes, exactly.

I will elaborate. We have only one fear actually. Only one, and everyone has only this one. Incongruity.

Incongruity = out of order? Fear of death? Death would be the ultimate incongruity. The final interruption of experience.

Elaborating on congruity, which is justice. We have two instinctive fears biologically based, loud noises and falling. Two incongruities and all of our potential for fear is just an elaboration of that mechanism. All other fears are learned.

I would put forth we have but one fear. Yes? Fear of separation. Again incongruity, disconnection.

We are immersed in many personal models of congruity in our daily life. Everyone has what they think would be a life “lived fairly”. You have what you feel is your world in order, and you have even acquired ideas of what it is to be “in order” with other peoples worlds. You will likely very fiercely seek to support and preserve this order, even if it’s not in keeping with the natural balance of forces that support the life and well being of all life in general. Thus we very often support another persons right to do something hurtful to themselves, if they give all the signals that it’s their free choice.

Support in what way? Sustain the function and context of. Preserve their clarity and cohesiveness.

Feed their trance? Yes. Most people are very willing to do this.

If it is conducive to our own selfish desires, yes. Oh, indeed. It very often is, even if our selfish desires are sado-masochistic in nature.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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