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Sometimes, even when we have power, we shouldn’t express it. Other times when we are powerless in the face of the worlds spinning, we should add our force to its momentum.

Concern With Justice in Justice


People are generally very concerned with justice, or are they? Doesn’t it seem like justice somehow loses some of its letters in translation and becomes a four letter word?

A relative justice? Relative justice. Interesting notion. Because are our codes of justice actually set up to aid relating?

We are all equal in the world of rules about justice, but my rules are better than yours! Everyone please feel free to conform to “my“ expectations, but none of us would grow that way. Justice gives us the lowest common denominator for relating. True. Does nature seem to support this? If so, why do civilizations so routinely fall apart?

Natures rules. Example. All things have a beginning and an end, civilizations too. Yet life endures. As was said in a popular sci-fi model, life finds a way.

The word “entropy” comes to mind. The tendency of potential energy to spread in a kinetic energy and equalize into a uniform expanse of low energy fields?

It is my observation, that a collective system of individual wills reaches a critical mass of complexity and chaos. Thereby it becomes unstable. That’s equilibrium. Good observation, but is that the only way? How do we make these fragile systems in the first place? Art/religion/science. Have any of these not been about order and therefore justice? Do we make them entirely of our own so called will? I would not say so, but many cultures have not kept their center. Humanity has the potential to be much more sensitive than they are.

Don’t artists, in a sense, act to create their order/justice in the world? To make sense of things, yes, and very often they are the most capable of transcending their own personal order and seeing what justice might be in the big picture. Why is it the artist can seem to do easily what political scientists can’t? Perhaps the systems we use to create static order are all faulty, but if so why?

And vice versa too. Oh yes, sometimes more intuitive science prevails, and industrialized art just serves to stupefy the masses. The roles can reverse like that.

Artists are working with themselves, not society. Yes. You hit it. Artists work with themselves.

Oh, the disinformation of contaminated arts before us is staggering. You think Bush et al were the masters? Think again. Yes, it precedes them. Bread and circuses has risen to whole new levels.

As a poet, story, write, I leave self, too. Exactly, because there is an order beyond the human, but not separated from the human. It transcendently interpenetrates our very beings, gives us the drive to love our children, live at peace with our fellow humans, and be careful with our resources. Why is it we become blinded to that? It’s so strong we even bring animals more or less peacefully into our lives to live with us as pets, even sometimes as peers. Why this seemingly absurd behaviour?

Some are simply dulled by body spirit mind grinding reality of too much unrewarding work. Economy taking its toll. Yes. Dulling senses left and right. Thinking gets out of control. Serves very well to bleed any energy out of the natural system. Seems almost intentionally good at it.

I think moving away from the land has something to do with it. Comfort and too much free time. As for myself, I don’t see comfort as bad or damaging, but people don’t know what to do with themselves. So they instead try to do things to other people. Treat them like objects, problems to solve, and lose sight of the fact that all that gives them comfort comes from human doing or the generosity of this living earth itself, which is much more vast than most human temperaments would allow us to express.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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