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My prize is in seeing.

Group Invocation in Invocation


A spirit does not have the restrictions of incarnation, so it’s possible for multiple people, a group, to all have the same spirit enter them.

Ah, a unity. Which can aid in the unifying of wills, make for a more powerful healing, say, or other working.

This is why meditating in a group is so powerful? That’s exactly why, though in the case of meditation no disincarnate spirit needs to be involved, still that’s the essence.

This reminds me of the transcendental meditation studies where they determined the size of a group required to have an impact, like on local crime, for example. It’s the same mechanism, just including spirits with the flesh and blood types.

Each “sees” differently, and it is combined. Exactly, but there is a paradoxical side to it. The group invocation also lets each person involved share the single vision and wisdom of the invoked spirit.

But my favourite is the chant, because through a common audible waveform, all present can become aligned. Then, it goes hither, higher, and then the mana accrues exponentially. To ideally where all have the same thought. Then the shit really starts flying! Manifestations can be quite powerful.

I will go into the components of group ritual. The reason for the incense, and drums, and symbols, and chants. The materials and activities of group invocation are not just arbitrary.

Focus? They provide focus, but they do more. The spirit your group would seek to invoke has a place in the world itself, and you can find materials and sounds that are the traces of that spirits activity. The earth has a heart beat, so you can drum that rhythm. The wind sighs, so you can sing like it. Though the spirits don’t have bodies like we understand them, they do have forms, and if your attention can be focused on a symbol it gives your visual attention energy to the spirit. All of these amount to invitations and support for that spirits response to your call.

Native American music has these forms. Native American “spirit singing”. If it sounds like nonsense to you, that’s because spoken language very often sounds like nonsense to the spirits. Their practices work anyway.

So far, I hope my words have revealed that despite the seeming differences in peoples practices, they all connect with greater or lesser success to the same thing, and it is very real. For some cultures, their group invocation has forms that are traditional. The reason being is they come from real insight into the spirits, and those people live with those spirits like the Hawaiian people live with Pele. They have a whole spirit family.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Sen. Apostle M. O. Ogbolu

    Please need your spiritaul assitance I am tried of this world. Things is not moving with me personally. All my friends whom I liked spirtually abandoned me. I only live by God’s glory.
    May God belss you.
    From Mickey Ogbolu

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