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If there is any reality then you are real, and your choices are based on you.

Spirits In The Body in Invocation


The most common experience of spirits in the body would be elementals. Maybe the most common spirit invocation you might have already experienced would be an earth elemental. Just a spirit of the earth. They don’t make a lot of mental noise, but they enter your body space to balance its share of earth energy and maintain the earth connection.

Invocation implies action on my part, yes? It happens naturally also.

I expect we often do it without thinking about it? Our mood, etc.? We either do it or are receptive to it. There is a pre-existing order of the relationship of spirits to the body. You are the primary spirit, but others have responsibilities to it as well.

Also, in my experience, they will gravitate or avoid according to similar or dissimilar polarities of spirit energy. Oh, yes. That is where malignant invocation or “possession” comes in. When your spirit is attuned to the more negative and angry energies, you set yourself up like a welcome mat to fierce and vicious spirits.

They “see” you as like. And your body becomes “dark” territory. The reason they can do it is because they aren’t actually breaking any rules.

The tendency is for them to agglomerate. Like likes like. Yes, but there are more “anarchistic” spirits, and there is a reason exorcism works. Exorcism works, because when an anarchistic spirit is acting out, you call on harmonious spirits for an intervention. The peaceful spirits have a lot more help in the way of other spirits to back them up. More total spiritual strength. The anarchists don’t get much help.

The spirit world is your inner world as well as the outer world. Invocation is a practice that deals more with the inner world or your “mind” (though that’s a bad term) than your outer world. All spirits share a facet we would call “consciousness” and they all can be communicated with.

How does “mind” fit in? Your mind is not your mind. Your mind is the view of your inner eye. That’s all it is. The part of your consciousness that makes you aware of your spirit, or true self, is not your intellect. Nor is your will part of your intellect.

“Thoughts” are a symptom of the corporeal condition. They are not your consciousness. Correct? Exactly. So yes, invocation is one or another method of calling spirits to share in your material presence. Not occupy the place, but in a sense occupy you.

For a while. Yes, not permanently. That is neither useful nor really possible.

They cannot stay? No. They cannot stay for a variety of reasons, but their existence doesn’t make them “removed” from you either. Space as we know it doesn’t exist in the spirit world. This is why in dreams we can seem to ignore space. It is more about relationships and connections, quantum interposition or entanglement if you’re into that sort of thought.

“Space” and “Matter” is the least abundant of the universe energy signatures. Yes. Space being a signature facet of the “matter” level of energy. Space doesn’t even exist outside of the matter level. It’s like saying sound precludes other sounds. This seems silly from a spirit level. Taoist medicine and yoga was based on restoring the proper alignment of the inner spirits that dwell in your body with the spirits that live in the outer world.

Hihia… quantum interposition or entanglement. When we work with possession for instance, hihia are approached as many layered entanglements. It’s a problem solving model of awareness? In a way, yes.

Fungus… and wood? The properties of living things were seen as the product of a spirits action in that material. Is your body any different? Are its properties not a product of your inner spirit? Its actions a reflection of your will?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Bashir Bomai

    I have had experiencies in the dream state that are definitely “Space” in form and vision.All this was before I fully understood the inter-relationships of certain phenomena(of this ,I may not say more),and quantum interposition.However,The Beings recognised me as a Visitant in my proper form and allowed me passage but not a return.I was however,in certain circumstances of being,given “permission” to visit a “formation” at the hover.My Chakras are almost fully awake but I restrict my progress sometimes until I “feel” fully ready.Afterall,its my call(I live in an environment that is full of negative energies).But,I agree with you that in most dreams, space is somehow ignored.I felt the need to leave the environment but there are complexities that have so far blunted my efforts.I am yet to understand these.One thing I do understand though is that all matter travels and mulitplies in a quickened state,including my shape and form.It cannot be any other way.It is therefore it is.Peace.

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