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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

Genius Loci in Invocation


Everyone familiar with conjuration? Calling spirits to be present at your working? Most people think of the spirit world as being a sort of phantom world that is meshed with the material world. This would be a mistake.

You have, for the sake of our discussion, two selves. Your flesh and blood self, which I dare say is the more superficial, and your spirit self. The spirit self is “one pointed” as Buddhists often say. It doesn’t occupy physical space. No, it does not fill the space that you call your body. Your body is full of flows of energy from the material world and the spirit world, and constantly buzzing with both physical sensation and spiritual communion.

You do not own your body. You don’t. It’s not yours, and you did not create it. If it must have an owner, the earth owns it. What the spirit self is, is what in Latin is called a “genius loci”. A spirit of place. You are the spirit of the body place.

Now, the reason I have said all this… Possession. It’s a really feared phenomenon, and people think it somehow involves harm to the soul. This is dangerously misunderstood, and mostly untrue.

I think of the body as a rather loose base point. It is loose, and it’s supposed to be.

Possession is a squabble over some real estate? Actually no, because the “possessing” entity can’t unroot you. You actually can’t be evicted.

They’re more a squatter? Yes. Like a griefer showing up to aggravate you in your sim in Second Life.

You can actually not be affected in spirit by another at all. You are right. What gets effected is your body. There is a reason I say all of this. You experience “possession” all the time. Spirits move into and out of your body space freely. Is this your understanding in Hawaiian tradition as well?

Yes, but there is a difference here. Example, a cold. A western person says I caught a cold. We say a cold caught me. Diagnosis of illness is in the realm of spirit. It catches us .. ho’oponopono works with this concept of fluid movement of spirit. This is actually a better model for tonight’s class. It is more true, accurate.

What do you mean by… “You experience “possession” all the time”? What I mean is spirits move into and out of you all the time.

I see it as bubbles that intersect, and occasionally one might be large enough to “envelop”. But all are permeable. If that makes more sense. My model is not superior to anyone else’s.

ua loa’a au i ka ma’i .. ua loa’a au i ka ‘uhane. I was caught by the cold. I was caught by the spirit/dream. Invocation varies according to state of being and need. Yes, it does.

To use invocation is to get some deliberate intent in the process? Yes, exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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