'Invocation' Chapter


Invocation is a call for communion. Invocation is based on a basic understanding of reality that we all came from the same source. So an invocation is a call for the one summoned to indwell or overshadow the caller, though sometimes the call is lead by someone else. Invocation is typically thought to apply to divinities, but in fact is not confined to a limited class of beings as we all are constituents of the originating divine force anyway. All beings that exist are echoed in you.

In all views, there are basically two directions. This is both the spiritual order and the map of the path. There is the exoteric and external, and the esoteric and internal.

Call For Communion

Does anyone know, what is invocation? A call. It is that, but there is more. Anyone ever hear the term conjuration? It was originally a term describing an oath and then became used to describe what would amount to a court… Seek More

Practice Of Invocation

On to why you might practice invocation. There are two basic reasons. One is that when the spirit responds it shares its perception with you. Allows you insight you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to. For a period of time, you… Seek More

Practices Related To Invocation

Image magic is an invocation of your intended spirit/idea? Good question, and it can be a prelude practice, but actually falls more into the realm of conjuration. Because for the period that you are focusing on the image work, it… Seek More

Paths In Invocation

As you invoke the spirits, you accomplish two things. You learn from them, and thereby claim some of their wisdom as your own. You can use it even without calling for their help, and the same thing that applies to people… Seek More

Genius Loci

Everyone familiar with conjuration? Calling spirits to be present at your working? Most people think of the spirit world as being a sort of phantom world that is meshed with the material world. This would be a mistake. You have,… Seek More

Spirits In The Body

The most common experience of spirits in the body would be elementals. Maybe the most common spirit invocation you might have already experienced would be an earth elemental. Just a spirit of the earth. They don’t make a lot of… Seek More

Group Invocation

A spirit does not have the restrictions of incarnation, so it’s possible for multiple people, a group, to all have the same spirit enter them. Ah, a unity. Which can aid in the unifying of wills, make for a more… Seek More

Spirit Bonds

Certain crystals sing in certain conditions. That raises a good point about tools used in invocation, though it can be trick to call them tools. Humans are not the only things that can or do invoke. Crystals often invoke other… Seek More

Helped And Helping Spirits

To summarize, in conjuration you try to use your knowledge of the spirits to affect their behaviour outside of you. Like a chemist looking for a specific reaction. In invocation, you open yourself to them with the intention of working… Seek More