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As you invoke the spirits, you accomplish two things. You learn from them, and thereby claim some of their wisdom as your own. You can use it even without calling for their help, and the same thing that applies to people applies to spirits.

You rise or fall to the level of the company you keep. So as you work with your mentor or mentors, you will share to some degree in their spiritual stature. This serves to protect you even further from hostile spiritual influences.

There is hierarchy even in mentors who do carry, just as you have said. Their genealogy is essential to know. There are some halau that are kapu, just simply kapu. The order you speak of is actually often visually depicted in Indian mandalas. At the heart, you will have an originating divinity. Then circling around it you have spirits that are echoes or emanations of that greater spirit, children if you will. In their mysticism, they spend a great deal of time contemplating these “maps” of the relationships between the spirits and thus the levels of reality.

On invocation, you earlier mentioned learning of their ways vs. having them with you or becoming like them. I’m not sure of the difference? In all views, there are basically two directions. This is both the spiritual order and the map of the path. There is the exoteric and external, and the esoteric and internal. The esoteric path is the learning you gain about the world from working with invocation of spirits. Once you have seen the world with the eyes of Anubis say, you can’t go back to seeing it exactly as you once did. This is the external wisdom. The internal wisdom gained comes from the realization of what in you can be like the spirit. So when you can see that you are not really the shallow creature you may have thought you were, then you have the internal wisdom.

The wisdom we accumulate in life adds together to further our ascension careers toward the Source of all Spirit. The great work, the magnum opus of the alchemists, the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Some mention angels in a hierarchy. If you study, say, the Egyptian tradition, would you see deities from that tradition? Are they all there together, or do we see the same deities in different forms depending on our traditions? There are many schools of thought on that. My personal view? I started my path without any tradition, and still use traditional elements only as an expediency. They help explain things. I have experiences that I have only been able to describe as spirits, and they do have identifiable traits and behaviours. In my experience, they don’t seem to really care what you think they are, or what name you call them. The names are more for you then them. But as far as images go, though they are not uniform in appearance across cultures or even in any two peoples experience, there do seem to be repeating images. I have found that spirits that show a specific kind of image have recognizable personalities. There are greater and lesser wolf like spirits. They seem to form a pack. Anubis and Dispater, if not the same being, seem to be on the same page.

Certain energies have commonality in their manifestation, kind of like laws of physics? Exactly.

I would argue that all there is IS personality signature. Nothing else. Yes. The hunter is the hunter, and the hunter has kin. The reaper is the reaper, and the reaper has clan, etc. Anubis is a reaper spirit for the most part. Coyote is an illusionist, as is Maya and Set.

According to accounts or personal intuition? Accounts. In my personal intuition, their potential behaviours are more complex than that. Example. In my experience coyote is an artist.

I will leave you with one last idea. It is from Gnostic voodoo and is about bad luck. They say there is no such thing as bad luck. When things are not working properly, it’s because you have driven the spirits out of you. To their system, things work right when the spirits are allowed to do what’s in their natures.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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