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Sharing Personal Information in Purpose


How well does society understand purpose?

  • I think society has a narrow view of purpose. I agree.
  • It sets its societal purpose according to economic need and security. Does their model allow these things, in fact? The international milieu, rather than selected cultures. There may be exceptions. Some are more effective and successful. On the whole, not very good. On average, negative.

Mostly, when people think of purpose is it not more specifically “my purpose”?

  • Yes. As we get lost in the bigger picture.
  • Selfishness is the general rule.

The selfishness has two sides. It’s just as selfish to see everyone and everything according to what “purpose” or use it, or they, may have for you, as it is to insist that whatever idea of your own purpose in life is fact.

What should society’s purpose be, then? And by extension, our own? It is defined by the literal meaning of the word, society. The social, the group, communication and cooperation. There are some truly anti-social cases.

But within a successful societal structure there must be room for individual free will. Exactly. The “average” person… How many of them are actually involved in something you are better off knowing nothing about, or that you could in no way support? Your personal view may hold others in contempt, but in my experience most people are engaged in more or less harmless activity. Some of it is even at least borderline helpful. How many people actually have information about themselves, or there lives, that would actually hurt you personally?

For most people, their personal information is just sort of irrelevant to your own, therefore harmless. But their personal information is very relevant to them. Is any harm done by sharing this among ourselves?

  • It can be distorted. What distorts it? Oh, peoples ideas I guess. They add on overlays. Single peoples ideas, or cultural ideas? More cultural perhaps. This is why they like to share them.
  • Everyone has their own filters of experience through which they perceive the world around them. Filters shaped by their experiences.

I myself ascribe to an old saying. One person can be smart, a whole mob is stupid. The cultural mores of subjecting peoples personal information to “quality control” blocks our progress.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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