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Direction and Thought


Now here is something interesting. Some people might think of total awareness and ask what about direction? What about purpose? Lots of people stumble over things like the law of attraction because in the popular material something is missing. Can’t… Seek More

Life Direction


Life direction seems to be a growing concern, and it seems conventional values exasperate the situation rather than help it. Do you agree? The internet has blessed us with information and cursed us with better informed opposing opinions. Making the struggle… Seek More

Sense of Place


The topic is sense of place and I don’t mean societal role but more of how where you are is a part of who you are, or rather who you see yourself to be. A lot of what you think… Seek More

Documented Record for Ancient Lore


Literacy is interesting. Previously the only sanctioned literacy was of the priesthood, and only of the sacred texts. The word “talisman” was a reference to magicians marks, or to make marks like a magician. Tally was to make marks on… Seek More

Impact of Scientism


Is the sole purpose of most religions to explain the universe and crowd control? Hmm, yes, except for explaining the universe. Religion sets up a paradigm that supports the temporal authority of that institution whatever body politic. Religion as a primitive… Seek More

Lemonade Award

Lemonade Award

Thanks to Ocean of Perspective and to The Inspired Self for passing us the Lemonade Award! This award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude.  Since the purpose of this site is to inspire living from your true nature… Seek More

Psychic Viewing

Remote Viewing

How psychic readings can be done is that some seem to visualize their thoughts as parts of their brain. This isn’t actually so, but the thoughts are energy patterns in a collective field that we are all present in. They… Seek More

Field of Mind

Remote Viewing

Synchronicity is a rule. Psychic forces actualize. An aspect of remote viewing is seeing an “object” that isn’t and can’t be present at the site, but is a true presence at the site. Like a state of mind in the residents,… Seek More

Peaceful Thought


I wonder if insane is the opposite to peace? Yes, ultimately insane is the opposite of peace. Though we call much that is insane, sane. Much that is unreal, real. The insanity is pretty deeply rooted. Should we embrace insanity… Seek More

What is Reality?


With regular meditation practice, insight just comes. It isn’t from thinking, but it is hard to ‘understand’ with the thinking mind that insight can come from elsewhere. You’re using the ‘thinking’ to understand ‘not thinking‘, and this is why the… Seek More