Information as the Basis of Life in Information

Hmm, may I show you a quick video? 

I have been talking about this is classes, though the technological emphasis of the video is fuzzy.

Cool concept. I liked when the computer chip turned in to a lotus.

Slingshot … over there, but black holes? Singularities.

I ponder information black holes…

Cute metaphor .. for the moment. Yes, just a metaphor really. More like a super dense energy state no longer subject to entropy, which is another principle of information theory.

Similar to a super-dense matter state, then. Yes.

We do observe what seems like entropy occurring in the human brain. They call it forgetting. The progressive decrease in the quality of a signal of information state through noise, and in information theory they seek to measure and understand to what degree this information loss can take place and still have it be possible to reconstruct the original information. Information, in that case, is looking pretty resilient.

If information is the basis of life, then it might also be of interest that the process of neuroplasticity remains with us through our entire life times. Our brains seems wired to continue absorbing new information as if our life depended on it.

I find that if I can reconstruct the original relationships, then the original information comes back to me.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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