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Information Rich Natural World in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Any questions before I dive off the deep end?

Not yet. So off I go.

They have discovered they can engineer DNA in just about whatever way they want. They have even built a nanotech engine that has a single molecule for the turbine.

Nature has been combining atoms for a very long time. Science insists this is all accidental of course. They don’t see what they would accept as evidence of intelligence behind the patterns formed by matter and energy in our universe, so I guess in keeping with their philosophy there must be none. This notion seems strange to me, and as much as they debate the reason why our world seems strangely suited to the emergence of life, let alone intelligent life, they stick with the notion that there is no innate intelligence at the matter/energy scale.

If you had a single field or screen to work with, just the one medium to project all your necessary information onto, what would that look like? Perhaps as an example, let’s say everything on your hard drive had to be displayed on your computer screen or it would be wiped from memory.

Well, I suppose there is a scale of intelligence from Hawking to Jersey Shore. If you just continue that scale down, then everything would have a certain degree of intelligence. True. You can accept the concept of ultra primitive or elemental intelligence, and going with that then you might be able to trace the formation of thought and perception based on the behaviour of that elemental intelligence. I argue that is just scratching the surface though.

It would look like a collage. The screen you describe would be very cluttered? To the point that some of the information, though displayed, would be effectively blocked out, too much overlap to be easily distinguished.

Yes, hard to decipher. You would instead only really be able to perceive and make sense of the fringe data, the stuff that was in the buffers and not fully indexed with the rest of the operating system.

That is why most people clean off a desk once in a while. Indeed. They have found, even in experiments, that people universally have a tolerance threshold for clutter. Too much sensory noise leads anyone to either react to the source or ignore it. This is what leads hoarders to adapt to such hellish living conditions, the ignoring. Well, perhaps humanity has been locked into ignoring what it cannot conceptualize well enough to process?

That is why I write in a journal and cleaning feels good when it’s needed. In the same vein, over-cleaning is really annoying too. Indeed. Sterility can starve the senses. We do hunger for some degree of stimulation.

I offer that the natural world is in fact information rich, and host to intelligence’s that dwarf humans in scale by an immeasurably amount, and this is still not getting to any notion of a possible god.

If you clean the body too much then it has no way to fight the bacterial clutter. Even clean the body of symbiotic bacteria it’s health is dependant on. In my experience, nature knows much better than we do.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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