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Freedom is more than choice. It’s awareness of choice, but awareness of choice is not true, actualized freedom without vision. So what vision do you have for your freedom?

World Wide Babble Fest in Paranormal Places

A friend and I were talking about walk-abouts and how each venture into the forest is attended with our sensors reaching out and getting very specific information about passage-yes or passage-no, and this shifts all the time. So the sensing is required to be receptive to this. We have chants that help us to plug into the information. Yes, and language can either help or hamper perception.

I have turned cars around on the island. “No, we cannot go that way. Not tonight, folks.” I was turning into a paranormal spot that appears and shifts its locale. It was probably wise that you did. Hawaii is likely more powerful geo-magnetically than other places. Everywhere in the ring of fire, really. Thus why so many UFO sightings off the Pacific and around the Cascade Mountains, and high crystalline deposits to high fidelity storage of memory.

Sometimes this energy bank is accompanied by audial and even olfactory signals. Yes. Sometimes noise for the less adjusted, but it can trigger internal language and imagery.

Some people hear buzzing. Smell, too. People get dizzy around me when I have a lapse of my customary discipline.

Is it the magnetic fields that cause the sounds and smells? In part, but they are only part of it, as is true of most conscious sensory recognition in general.

Now normally, our brains are pretty powerfully entrained to each other. They talk to each other even if we don’t want them to. Like a little child looking at mommy or daddy to figure out how they are supposed to respond to any new experience, your brain subconsciously checks with other brains for ideas and constructs to translate your experience in the moment. It’s like a huge world wide babble fest. Like everyone’s brain being linked by twitter to everyone else’s, and we are accustomed to believe only what the status reports from this connection tell us.

So empathy is really nothing new to us? Indeed, empathy is very old. Perhaps humanities most primal sensory and cognitive function. Ever get in one of those small groups where someone starts a question like, “Did you hear that?” or “Do you smell that?” ? Well, it goes deeper to include, “Did you think that?” or “Do you feel that?” And if your experience doesn’t match up, it gets screened out. Washed out in the resistant feedback from the consensus state of human nervous systems.

And if you are connected to a person, you will say the same thing at the same time? Yes, indeed. The same phenomenon makes women’s cycles synch up, also.

Maybe why twins seem to have such an intense ability to sense each other? Like when one twin is in pain, the other may feel pain in the same place. Yes. Stronger organic resonance. Their energy imprint is also in their blood.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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