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Paranormal Sensitivity in Paranormal Places

The topic is paranormal places, but I am not going to talk about haunted houses and alien landing sites, not directly at least. Instead, I intend to talk on the general paranormal character of the planet itself. Some of the details and nuances of that.

A lot of this links into human consciousness. That being the only way we can make intelligible sense of it in the first place, so pardon if it gets a little medical.

First off, how do you know where you are?

Memory of familiar surroundings? In relationship to something else?

Memory is interesting, and in fact, it’s inherently “paraphrased”, for lack of a better word. Every sensory experience you have is handed through the language network in your brain before you actually recognize that you sensed anything in the first place. You literally cannot experience anything until it lights up some little part of your neural net that you identify as something you understand.

We learn how to categorize them? We don’t consciously learn to categorize, no. The mind is inherently synthetic in processing sensory stimuli. Anything red gets grouped with anything else red, because you actually have only the single recognition of red.

Is that like when you visit a place for the first time and say, “Oh, it’s nothing like I imagined”, or “It’s just how I pictured it”? Yes, that’s part of it.

That reminds me of the alien encounter story where people reported dreams of an owl. The owl image was actually an alien, but they needed something recognizable to label it and help them stay sane. Yes. The brain does that. Sort of like how it only lets you experience sensible pain.

With enough sensory encoding over time, these little patches of neural net get reproduced on a broad level. Factor in affective neural resonance with genetic inheritance, and you wind up with a psycho-sensory construct that makes for a “normal” experience of life. They have discovered that your own nervous system is impacted by another persons neural signature regardless of your overt or even subtle behaviours. They have also discovered that the magnetic field around the brain and nervous system, that they used to think was noise, is actually a part of your neural circuitry.

We impress this on the earth? We do.

Also, they have had to throw out their old belief about the supposed stability of the earths magnetic field. It can vary a fair bit, and can reach well into the range where it affects our own nervous systems. They have even recently discovered that there is an anti-matter release with lightning discharges in our atmosphere.

But to keep it personal for a while longer, they have discovered, and are discovering, that we have many more internal systems in common with other animals than they originally thought. One of these systems is a molecule that splits and polarizes in the eye tissues of birds. The molecule is called cryptochrome, and it’s sensitive to electromagnetic energy in the air. They can literally see the earths magnetic field.

I would not find that surprising since we all came from the same dust of the earth itself. It’s true. For one of the newest species on this planet, and one of the least genetically diverse, we have even fewer unique systems than, say, a chimpanzee.

But to bring it back to perception, they have recently discovered what they called the weak nuclear force is not as weak as they thought. It creates easily detectible disturbances in the magnetic field, and they have established that humans are magnetoceptive, sensitive to magnetic fields, though they refuse to say to what degree.

Ok. Have I established how we are sensitive to the fundamental forces of physics?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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  1. Bashir Bomai

    Travis Saunders-Yes, you have established that humans are magnoceptive,including other sensitivities to the fundamental forces of physics.I posted an article in the Wikipaedia about a similar subject.I noticed subtle differences between the Hemispheres,and the equatorial regions of the earth.I did some research which yielded some astounding results.I discovered that my extrasensory perceptions became sharper the further North I went.When I return to the equator,I felt what I can only describe as “Denseness”.A feeling being “pressed down”.When I go South,the increase in awareness also occured.I could think faster,assimilate quicker.My dreaming patterns also changed.At first,I was genuinely puzzled,then I started asking questions as to why this was so.At a later time however,as I progressed,I then realized that these differences do exist.The Magnetic Poles affect receptive humans.Even those who are not receptive,react to these effects without realising it.Certain brain centers experience a re-awakening.Certain “lights”automatically switch on.When you move towards the equator,one has to work four or more times as hard to tap into these centers,and not all of them.In addition,I suspect some “Planes”are closer to these Poles and access to them is simple if one knows how and the necessary “Permission” is given.

  2. Bashir Bomai

    I have another observation because I am new to this website.I have submitted 3 articles today and each time the comment is “you speak to your own wisdom”.I do not understand this please.In addition,being a metaphysicist,I am extra careful because I know that I use certain energies which are within me and others without me.The earth has these energies in abundance and the flashes sometimes resemble Gamma Ray Bursts.One has to be extremely cautious and try not to “break” certain rules(eg excessive use of alcohol,indiscriminate sexual practices),and lack of focussed thought control.Some of us are so receptive that we can “read minds”,see the aura and blind side those who wish us harm.I am not talking to my own wisdom but discussing science,in fact sharing my experiences with others of like mind.This can save humanity from disaster such as continuous wars,hatred,racism,intolerance and greed and avarice.the list of our illnesses can fill one whole room!

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