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We have survived as long as we have not for our normal humans. They tend to function sort of like deer caught in headlights. They just stand confused or just keep doing what they are doing. We have survived because some of our kind had natural traits so strong they couldn’t conform to our unnatural ideas and prejudices.

Vacant Spots in Paranormal Places

Magnetic Stone

The hollows form a webbing through our entire planet which the planet itself is shaped around.

Electrical activity can make the brain feel like there is a presence. Actually, strong enough electrical activity disrupts the brains own feedback loops which does not simply compromise the brain. Just as the body can continue to function in zero gravity, the brain can function in these “vacant” spots. They’re not really so much vacant as warped, but they do exclude a portion of our normal field of perception.

How do they exclude? By doing that they exclude one of the coordinates our brain normally uses to structure its perception.

Do vacant spots have a negative effect on the brain like micro gravity can have on the body? Not negative, at least not with limited exposure, but yes, prolonged exposure does lead to the legendary “madness.” If you stay turned mentally inside out like that for too long, it can be very hard to return to normal.

The resonance, though, doesn’t have the harmful noise that modern electronics does. Some people are exceptionally sensitive to these places so they report feeling like they were being attacked by being there which is possible but unlikely.

Is it like hearing people who have passed on? It can happen. That’s quite common. Sufficient concentrations of psychic energy can turn a home into an artificial hollow, though the distinction between natural and artificial isn’t necessarily easy to make.

Standing stones? Standing stones do it, yes.

I don’t think the Incas had compasses, so whoever carved that spiral on the rock in alignment with the magnetic field was perceiving something? Yes, magnetoception, magnetic perception, but it wasn’t that simple or limited. Our magnetic perception is just a component of a broader sense, like some of our ordinary senses also are.

So when someone is in that state permanently is that madness? People have called it madness historically, yes, but it really only has those characteristics in the early stages. After a while a new coherence emerges in the persons brain. It’s why mystics gravitated to hollows so much, sometimes even living in them to speed that process along. We generally aren’t prepared to have our entire brains function re-contextualized like that, but we are adaptable creatures if our xenophobia doesn’t blind us.

Maybe some are just like that all the time.

This area in Peru, I was told, is the highest inhabited elevation on the planet outside of Tibet. They were drawn by its vortex, seeking “heaven” so to speak, which isn’t located in any specific space. It’s more a phase or frequency, an energy state.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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