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How does saving people work? And if you can save people from themselves isn’t that tyranny?

Information Energy in Wireless Brain

Wireless Brain

What is the difference between music coming from your i-Pod and the code we use to record a computer program?

None, until it hits the speaker and is translated. There is no difference in environmental energies until they stimulate one or more of our sense organs and are translated. With innovations in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology and software, there may be even less difference between computer code and sensory stimuli.

I will offer that some may not need the assistive interface devices. When an individual spends a great deal of their time considering how anything might be coded so that it will make sense to computers, this attentional vigilance and practice sets up the same patterns that those earliest interactions with our parents set up in our brain, and well… We don’t even necessarily need the language of code. Much of computational function and organization has slipped into our cultural mindset, so we use computer terms even as metaphors for processes of human consciousness.

I’m thinking of brain waves that we can record electronically. There is no reason why those wouldn’t be communicated over distances, perhaps with skill development or tech amplification. They have actually done it with technical assistance. Set up an environmental feedback device but didn’t inform the receiver of its purpose, and found that with BCI pick-up translated into say a flashing light on the other side, the receivers attention can be directed and a surprising degree of information inferred.

Well, I won’t go into exhaustive theorems. The principle is simple. It’s a modification of the phenomenon people call psychometry. Anything that gains or holds much human attention, especially over long periods of time, builds up a charge. Informational energy. Even if you don’t accept brain to brain transference, it can be explained as the tendency of societal attention to relay experiences into the collective awareness. The collective unconscious, and then later resurfacing as spontaneous experience in an individual. Computers don’t exist much as isolated systems anymore.

So the constant flow of data over the system impresses people in that way, and can impress those who are not currently using and do not actively use computers. Artificial intelligence theorist of the most materialistic bent believe that a sufficiently advanced programming language could produce software indistinguishable from human consciousness, or almost so. They, like most mainstream scientists, refuse to go very deeply into why though.

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Travis Saunders
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