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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Psychic Landscape In The Internet Age in Wireless Brain

Wireless Brain

Meme. It’s a popular term in internet culture, but the actual material of these memes is not exclusive to internet culture.

It’s by definition impossible to separate them. The psychic landscape is growing to more and more mirror the internet. There can come to be no meaningful difference as people come online to express all their most deep urges to self expression and self gratification. Even if you rule out non-assisted psychic influence of computers (which seems unlikely especially if they actual resort to organic memory as the next wave of computer storage), with BCI (brain computer interface) technology what may have been dismissible as pure psychological speculation could become literal.

So all the data running around the world on cables is affecting us energetically the same as the data emissions (brain waves) from people? Indeed, and in fact all the concern about communications technology affecting neural/brain health… Well, they say we developed our brains advanced structures from complications and even injuries that required that our brain adapt to avoid them. In all likelihood, these hypothetical brain tumours are the precursors to adaptation of the brain to wireless data filling our environment. They may even be boosting a pre-existing but semi-dormant capacity to sense electrical activity in other brains. This might be why psychics seem to be popping up all over the place.

This gives new depth of meaning to the idea of being mindful of what you put out into the world. The Buddhists should add “Right Coding” to their list. Indeed. Let not your coding be in error or your instant messaging be in leet speak?

I saw a website that suggesting putting mantras on your signature to send them spinning out. The Buddhists really have always know this. There are written phrases that they say you should look at or read for spiritual growth. Just them being there can even help.

Now outside of the original topic of the Wiresless Brain but related, would be the technomantic practice of deliberately engineering media feedback to shape intentional patterns in the brain and establish attentional linkage to energies in our environment. So not just a new age of psychism, but of philosophy and its ramifications as well.

Intention. It always comes back to that. Yes. Intention is everything. Attention is connection. Intention is choice in the vast array of connections. You can’t really disconnect from any part of reality. It all exists in you right now, but you can set the tone by which you resonate. What your personal energy supports, and conversely you can set up dissonance or static in connection to other things decreasing the likelihood they will manifest or resolve in your environment. The difference between the Wizard, Saint, Psychic and the average person is perceptual indexing and quality of resolution, nothing else. The mysterious will you often hear spoken of… Can’t that also be and perhaps more accurately be named resolve?

So trade in your old perception for a higher resolution brain, and supposed miracles will become almost mundane.

On a personal note, tonight’s subject relates to my own challenge. Being autistic, my capacity for normal attention is compromised. I am easily over stimulated by so many patterns that normal habituation and conditioning is meaningless to me, but it still doesn’t answer my most pressing question. “Where fore art thou brother?” Are my cognitive differences a product of some unseen elements of the environment or some more complex and perhaps aberrant form of psychism? If savantism is any indication, then the behaviour of obsessively systemizing physical objects and stimuli suggests a noncognitive basis. But yes, blah blah blah, just goes to show you how there are many paths for exploring any realm of our personal experience.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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