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Transcendent of Human Understanding in Miracles


What are miracles?

My first thought on that was about other people calling it a miracle, that thing that is not supposed to happen, out of the ordinary, and divinely stimulated or brought into being. My real feeling about this is everything is a miracle, and not all, or if any of it, is explainable. We think we can explain things.

An event with no cause that is earthly or determined by the laws of physics. Unexplainable.

My own studies involved the subject of miracles and spiritual intervention before I diverged into the other things. Miracles differ from other practices in that they are to some degree transcendent of human understanding. This is what they were talking about when they spoke of the sacred mysteries in ancient Greece. You could experience them, but they held a meaning that was supposed to be too deep for the uninitiated.

The thing that distinguishes miracles from psychic abilities, or magickal practices, is the dependency of miracles on divine agency or order, and some people are thought to be more involved in miracles and miracle working than others, saints, tzadek, prophets, gurus, buddhas, avatars. Some form of miracle making person has been involved in almost every culture, if not every one.

They have all communed with the gods in some way. And were changed by that communion.

So we could open up a “buy a miracle” shop. Yes. Historically there was even some traffic in merchandise that was considered to be linked to miracle making power, bits of the cross, saint’s relics, things like that.

Have you felt or experienced any miracle? Miracles as evidence of some sovereign deity? In that case, no.

Well, what you experienced and thought, “Oh, this is a miracle”, not necessarily deity connected. Oh, yes, I do so regularly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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