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Seeing Miracles in Miracles


There is a concept. It’s called Little’s Law. It is an assessment of life experience as compared to the events we would consider personally powerful and significant.

I will have to paraphrase to summarize. Working with the criteria of miracles as being highly unlikely and personally significant events, then given a sort of law of averages, you should experience one about every 35 days. What do you think of that?

I’m guessing that would include items of synchronicity? Yes. It would be the pace of synchronicity, but in my case it’s not that rare. My research into my own condition has given me a lot of unanticipated insight. I have learned to describe a lot of things by the contrast that science described between people like me and otherwise cognitively normal people. One of the things that differ is that my brain doesn’t automatically assemble sensory impressions. By comparison to a normal person, I perceive the world in a sort of mosaic like way.

Ever see one of the old Muslim tile patterns? For me, I take in the whole world sort of like that, little pieces and facets at a time, but it’s still fast enough that my cognitive lag is minimal. But it’s not because I complete a picture and see exactly what you see. I complete my picture. This is why people with my condition are described as using metaphor that makes no sense to anyone else.

I wonder if that is what we all do but faster. Put all the pieces together real fast? Ah yes, everybody assembles a world picture, but they fuse it together, develop it to a seamless image.

I have to kind of lay stuff out, find the patterns, and the sicker I get the harder it is to do that. My brain turns to a ball of cotton. Your nervous system is likely changing progressively. Mine is by comparison relatively stable.

So I am trying to apply Little’s Law? You may be seeing it more clearly because of your habits.

Are not all things looking for that steady state? Not myself. For me, the steady state never existed. I find what amounts to steadiness in watching the flow of my sensory impressions, like watching flowing water ripple.

But to link back to the topic of miracles, I see not only events that are of personal significance to me, but I see those patterns assembling with other people also. I don’t just see my life.

People with my condition have social problems. In part, I experience social problems because I am what others may experience as unnaturally objective. I don’t see something from another person’s point of view, because my mind is involuntarily taking in all points of view in the environment. Everything from the little tensing motion in a strangers jaw bone when they are talking to someone, to a sudden shift of another persons tone of voice as they chat away to a friend, simultaneously and in the same location.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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